Simple Ideas and Second-hand Records Make First-rate Blogs

Paul | October 23rd, 2009


There’s a blog run by a friend – It’s a great, simple idea where he reviews the records he buys in markets and second hand stalls around the world. It’s so nice to have someone focus on things from the past rather than just hyping whatever has already been reviewed and hyped by a million thousand other blogs and magazines. Although it would be awesome to have some download links on there too.


I’m also into, although the Swedish guy who runs it, Emeric Glayse (I’d kill to have that name) doesn’t update it that often. I like the way it has a high art feel about it, but is accessible and not too patronising. It’s clean, simple and is a good place to discover photographers like Paul Schiek from San Fransisco, There’s also a ton of unpublished work by photographers I’m really into such as Maciek Pozoga and Valerie Philips. It’s like an alternative photography resource, feeding your habit without being too stressful or demanding on your attention – a good way to snack on great photography.

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