Sufjan Surprise

Rachel | October 21st, 2010

Perhaps he heard worry that his 50 states project—after only two states were completed—might start to sound a little same-y.  And then there was his general disinterest in the album as a form. But either way, Sufjan Stevens just took us by surprise. Twice.

A month ago he gifted us with an unannounced EP, All Delighted People. He opens with full choir backing his slightly more confident crooning. Then he brings in the strings, horns — the whole deal. It’s a dialed up version of what we’ve already come to expect of him and it’s really good.

As if that wasn’t enough, just days later he announced a brand new album, not at all related to the just-out EP. Welcome, The Age of Adz. He goes back to electronic music but bridges the gap between that and his folk stuff with that voice that we’ve come to crave. It was just released. And it is the present we didn’t know we wanted. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait another five years for the next one.

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