Complex Geometries

Claire | December 3rd, 2010

Montreal has a bit of a reputation for forging ahead of the curve in fashion, inhabiting a distinctly futuristic aesthetic; Sassy, edgy, classy, and never boring. First there was Kitchen Orange, whose distinctive asymmetrical lines, space-themed silhouettes, and bold choice of fabrics made a permanent mark on the Canadian fashion scene when the company made its debut more than a decade ago.

In recent times, this company has lost its edge. But where it has fallen, other designers have stepped in to pick up the slack. Relative newcomers on the scene like Complex Geometries have brought an infusion of fresh energy: clean lines form multilayered slim silhouettes woven in wool, cashmere, or cotton. The look is fusion: Montreal asymmetry and playfulness merged with Japanese influences from expensive couture items by designers like Yohji Yamamoto. However, the advantage to this line is that its aesthetic has become more street-friendly and the price tags have become more affordable.


But where to find it?  In Old Montreal on St-Paul Street, go to Reborn. They stock a near full collection of Complex Geometries’ Fall 2010 line, along with a well-curated selection of French-inspired fashions by designers like Surface to Air, Alexander Wang, DRKSHDOW and more.

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