New Mixtape Series and Who is Arcade Fire?

Jeff | March 17th, 2011

Chicago’s DJ Duo The Hood Internet is back at it again with the fifth volume of their mixtape series, and it does not disappoint. This time around they do everything from mashing up Sleigh Bells and Usher to Cee-Lo Green and Sir Mix-a-Lot, and even throw in a little Flock of Seagulls. It’s always interesting to see how these work, but they always do.It’s been more than a year since their last mixtape, which I also wrote about, but it was well worth the wait. And, true to my word of them exploding soon, when they’re not busy coming up with some of the most interesting mashups of artists you’d never imagine together, they are busy throwing tacos into album art with their blog, Album Tacos, which recently won editor’s choice for Best New Single-Topic Blog from Urlesque.

Speaking of music meme-making, the latest craze to pop up in the last few days is Who is Arcade Fire??!!?? The blog was made after the Arcade Fire beat out Eminem, Lady GaGa and others for a Grammy. People went nuts on Twitter, and the rest is beautifully screen-capped history. It’s just a shame Arcade Fire won for The Suburbs, which IMO was the weakest album they’ve put out.

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