Is The Internet Ruining our Attention Span?

Claire | May 11th, 2011

Let’s face it: as you are reading this right now, your eyes are wandering toward the video clip just a little lower down on the screen.  Why?  Because even though this is only the second sentence, you are already tempted to click on the link and deviate from your original line of thought – reading the text.  Welcome to the 21st Century and the demise of the attention span.

Have you ever noticed that after watching a videoclip on YouTube, unless it’s really really really captivating your attention, around the 30-second to one-minute mark, you are already tempted to click on one of the sister links on the right – to have something new to stimulate your eyes, ears, and mind?

It is for precisely this reason that websites such as are currently thriving.  With videoclips ranging in length from 30 seconds to 2:30 that span ‘family-friendly’ subject matter ranging from undersea adventures to people using bicycles to fight poverty in Nicaragua, Dump’s subject matter changes daily and has something for (almost) everyone.

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So, before our base attention span is reduced to a mere 5 seconds which very well may happen in the next 10-15 years, go to and take a look at one of these inspiring vids.  But please, try to watch the entire clip before moving on to the next one.

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