The Entrepreneurial Spirit

headscout | December 20th, 2011

Need a dose of inspiration? Culture Vulture is a quarterly trends series that offers a global snapshot of current and emerging cultural trends, bringing fresh insights from around the world to inspire and ignite new strategies for brands.

What are we seeing? More and more young people are motivated by the need to be original. They seek to break away from the clutches of the corporate world to take that one big step to bring their innovative ideas to life. Today’s youth are assertive and ambitious, daring to defy the system as they seek to define their own life path. Living in the digital age has also made available a wide array of channels for the youth to develop their entrepreneurial ideas and take them to the global stage.

Why is it happening? Amidst an evolving worldview in the wake of a global recession, today’s youth embark on a journey towards financial freedom, beyond defining themselves through the careers they choose. In a world that struggles to recover from the fiscal crisis with a looming threat of a relapse, we see the youth take charge of their own futures as they choose not to merely indulge themselves in their interests, but rather be the embodiment of their passions by seeing their own unique visions through their ventures. Going beyond seeking profit, we see the Gen Y driven by their passions as they embark on entrepreneurial endeavors, whether they be of a commercial or a non-profit nature.

The opportunity: Does the need to be different define today’s generation? How does the youth cope with the shifts in the global economy? How does entrepreneurialism change the way today’s young people view the concept of being genuinely successful? The first edition of Culture Vulture seeks to explore and understand the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Gen Y and how the youth’s innovative ideas can help stimulate game-changing strategies for brands that aspire to become more enterprising in their outlook.

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