The great Seapunk debate

Callan | November 29th, 2012

Recently within a window of 24 hours Rihanna gave a terrible SNL performance using green screen 90’s computer generated new age imagery, and Azalea Banks released a video with the same aquatic themes and retro imagery and the internet exploded with resentment and rage at the corporate appropriation of the Seapunk/new aesthetic imagery associated with net-art.

I am not gonna waste any breath on this matter because all sorts of websites have given their detailed examination of the relationship between art and commerce or play by plays of the drama and if you are interested you can google it (or already have most likely). I would rather just point you to artist Kevin Heckart who secretly made a lot of the imagery popular in the last year. If an artist can successfully rip him off on their lunch break then maybe he can’t expect any resultant fame, but still I just wanna give him a lil shout. Here is some of his work. As with all net-artists- find him via Google.

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