Mittens to die for

Igor | January 2nd, 2013

Everybody knows the ‘I love NY’ sign. Some people would happily recall ‘I love Amsterdam’ but nobody would drop a single word about Moscow.The city’s mayor office might have been wasting millions of dollars on clumsy advertising to promote Russian capital as the world’s next-best tourist destination, but the results have been steadily disappointing. The city desperately needs a kick, some sort of a magical trick to make it instantly salable.  ‘Heart of Moscow’ does exactly that – it’s a new company producing quirky souvenirs which look so good, it might be the last chance to revamp Moscow’s battered image. Yes, it’s all about nostalgic postcards, knitted mittens and felt boots for now, but design-wise these things are impeccable. Finally Moscow has something to seduce the world. I’m talking about it’s heart-shaped logo.

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