Bollywood Poster Art gets a Shot in the Arm

Bhavika | November 2nd, 2013

Innovation is the key to success, and 29-year old entrepreneur, Hinesh Jethwani, is a good example of that. Indian Hippy, his e-commerce website founded in 2009, seeks to address an important social issue– to preserve a near extinct hand-painted Bollywood film poster art, used for film advertising in yesteryears.

His team of 20 artists churn out customized Bollywood posters, chairs, coffee tables, wallets, handbags, etc., in Bollywood film poster format, starting from Rs 2500 (about US$55) onwards. Driven by passion and desire to make a difference in an area where a deep void existed, Hinesh seeks inspiration from ordinary, everyday folks who have the courage to pursue their goals.

“I read a news report on billboard artists who were out of work because of posters going digital, I managed to gather few of these artists and decided to work with them to keep the art alive,” he says.

“During the course of my professional career where I changed quite a few 9-5 jobs, I realized that my potential was being limited in many ways. I tried to reason with myself – maybe jobs are transitional and sooner or later, I would get where I wanted to go.”

Using his creative abilities to build an innovative business model, Hinesh reckons, “Business terms like profit/loss, demand/supply were the least of my concerns. Risks taken completely out of sheer determination to succeed deliver a greater high than money and reputation ever can. These do not comprise the goal itself, but rather are by products generated on reaching your goal.”

Having tried his hand at DJing, journalism, technology marketing and sales training, Hinesh has come a long way and reckons that corporate jobs contributed in grooming his business acumen.  His mother acted as his greatest critic and biggest believer. “My elder brother too continues to provide an excellent backup, standing in for me whenever required. Also a childhood friend, who provided just the initial push I needed to launch Indian Hippy, and without his encouragement, this would have perhaps not been possible,” he said.

Utilizing his personal savings to fund this venture, he has followed a simple motto for all his initiatives, “Start small but think BIG. I have never been afraid to make a humble beginning and that’s exactly how Indian Hippy came into being.”

Many believe that one can lead a more balanced lifestyle by being their own boss, but in reality its not that simple. “Being an entrepreneur who is solely and completely responsible for his business, I do not have the liberty to “switch off” and ignore the call. Perhaps the greatest challenge for an entrepreneur would be to separate personal and professional life, as its easy to take your boss home with you each day!” Hinesh’s future plans include hand-painting an aircraft entirely with Bollywood film poster art, as well as painting gigantic wall murals on the exterior of old buildings and commercial complexes.

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