Stretching With The Mount Pleasant Athletic Club

Kuma | February 13th, 2015


I’ll be the first to admit, when I was introduced to the Mount Pleasant Athletic Club, I was concerned we’d be dealing with another batch of east side hipsters in short shorts and fixies. Thankfully, I was wrong.

Founded in Vancouver by Wayne Gonzales, Dennis Cruz and Carlo Brito, Mount Pleasant Athletic Club is a clothing designed for an active lifestyle while encompassing a traditional aesthetic. In a city that’s rampant with street ware lines of various shapes, sizes and aesthetic visions, there’s a pleasantly retro throwback.


Four years deep, it’s a pretty simple look, hoodies, crew necks and t-shirts that feel kinda like the stuff you would have been wearing if you were on a high school sports team but with a fit and feel that’s much closer to the likes of reigning champ or even Nike.


Everybody likes to kick it old school and with a vision continue to plum the best in collegiate and professional sports heritage, you can expect the streets to be calling their name for a while yet.

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