Say hello to Hivernale

Claire | February 12th, 2015


Although Igloofest has become the go-to wintertime staple of electronic music events in Montreal, it has a new lean younger cousin. Say hello to Hivernale.  With the same founding principles as Igloofest, Hivernale is all about getting out into the cold and celebrating winter, rather than hiding inside away from it.  Some people may complain that the Igloofest is getting too big or becoming a bit of a sellout; well, now there is a low-key alternative with hundreds rather than thousands of happy dancing people.

Montreal’s Olympic Stadium has been transformed into a little village with a DJ booth dance floor, giant disco ball and a skating rink, a warm-up hut featuring the culinary creations of a team of chefs from Montreal restaurants which changes every week (the labo culinaire) There is even a curling rink where people can try a unique combination of curling and bowling aka burling.

The drink menu features hot wine and a full bar, and  the event is free. Which means that if you’re ever in the mood for a little dancing and prancing, there is no excuse not to check it out.  The DJ lineup is ever-changing, with 3 or 4 of Montreal’s best local DJs and live acts performing every week. From Magnanime and Stefny Winter to Cristobal Urbina, Mightykat, Vincent Lemieux, Billy Dalessandro, Alicia Hush and Claire (Me!) there is fun to be had every Friday and Saturday from December 31st to March 6th-6 to 11 PM.

the countdown, and the crowd @ hivernal's opening night Dec 31st

the countdown, and the crowd @ Hivernale’s opening night Dec 31st

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