4 Important Services of a Professional Plumber


Plumbers are unsung heroes of the modern age. Without them we would, quite literally, be caught drifting along an unfortunate creek without a paddle to save us. The next time that you find yourself with a tragic plumbing issue, you may find yourself asking what services a plumber offers to help out those in immediate need.

In this guide, you will find four life saving and convenient services that a plumber offers. Let’s hope you never need it, but there is a pretty good chance that you will one day.

1. Drain Cleaning and Unclogging

Our drains take a lot of abuse over the years. Everything from unwanted food, to waste, to soap, and even hair finds their way down into the pipes. It’s no wonder that they tend to get clogged up so easily.

While it is possible to fix this issue yourself, the more serious clogs are best left to the professionals. They can also clean your drains, removing any possible remnants that may cause future problems for your household or business. No matter if the clog is in the sink, the tub, or the toilet, a plumber will handle your problem with ease.

2. Video Camera and Damage Location

On occasion, a mystery will find its way into your pipes, stubbornly refusing to leave. Fortunately, today’s plumbers are often outfitted with waterproof cameras that can be snaked into your pipes, revealing whatever the issue that you’re suffering is.

These cameras are attached to a flexible rod that is both long enough to explore your pipes, and flexible enough to make its way around curves, as well as corners. These cameras are also a great way to find any lost jewelry that may have been lost to the drain.

3. Main Line Sewer Backflow Protection

Backflow is a real problem that no one wants to face. Backflow is when dirty, contaminated water flows backwards and mixes with a clean water line. Naturally, dirty water will contain everything from bath water, toilet waste, pesticides, and more dangerous or unhealthy substances.

Your local plumber can help prevent this nightmare from happening by installing a backflow protection device, which commonly consists of a pair of mechanical check values. This prevents backflow in the event of a drastic or unexpected change in water pressure. When properly installed and maintained, this will significantly lower the chances of backflow happening to you.

4. Septic Tank System Service

If your home uses a septic tank, then it is important that you know to have it inspected by a professional at least once every three years. A plumber will check your septic system for cracks, leaks, and signs of back up. This alone can save you an entire world of headache and expense. Plus, they may be able to repair or replace your septic tank if it is damaged, which just helps take care of the problem as soon as possible. Some also offer septic tank pumping, which relieves your tank of any back-up that may have amassed during usage.

If you looked at some of the things on this list and realized that you would have no idea how to do them, then you would not be alone. Plumbers are referred to as professionals for a reason, and they just might be able to prevent a real catastrophe from happening in your life.

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