5 Key Characteristics of a Packaging Company


Leonardo Da Vinci stated that, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. There is truth in these words; not only when they are applied to visual arts, but when they are applied to any business. It is important for any business to implement a shipping system that embodies simplicity. Implementing a shipping system that uses quality packaging products is a great step towards simplicity and ultimate sophistication.

1. Efficiency

A shipping system that embodies simplicity will be one that attends to the needs of the customer at an affordable price. The packaging suppliers will have trained professionals, who will actively listen to their customers’ needs, and use their packaging supply knowledge to help their customers choose wisely. This knowledge of packaging supplies will not only save customers money, but they will have a much better experience, that they will want to repeat in the future. Yet, the cost efficiency is not just in the immediate purchases; it is also in the production costs, as well as the municipal waste taxes. These reductions in costs will have a positive ripple effect on everyone.

2. Brand Recognition and Recall

Brand recognition and brand recall are something that all businesses and organizations desire, especially when it is in the positive sense. The one of the best ways to build brand recognition and brand recall is to do it with packaging. It is important for any business or organization to find a packaging company that sells customized boxes and engaging packaging supplies. Finding a packaging company that can customize boxes, in a variety of colours (inside and outside), as well as allow the customer to add a design or logo is a wonderful step towards brand recognition and recall simplicity. Finding a packaging company that sells engaging packaging supplies (i.e. bubble wrap expressions, tissue paper, and interlocking packing pieces) is another wonderful step towards brand recognition and recall simplicity.

3. Resilience and Endurance

Packaging must be resilient and enduring, or there is not point in using it. It needs to be able to handle the potential dangers that a package might encounter. Not only does the packaging needs to be resilient enough to keep the contents together, it needs to be resilient to endure the dangers of shipping and handling. It is important to find out how the packaging materials are made and how durable they are. If the packaging is resilient and enduring, then simplicity is within reach.

4. Adaptability

Ironically, packaging cannot be fixed. It must be adaptable to the products that are being shipped. This is especially true about the bubble wrap, tissue paper and interlocking packing pieces. These materials need to be adaptable to protect the products from hazards like dust, dirt, moisture, heat and cold. Depending on the product that is the packaging, these hazards can seriously damage or destroy the product during shipping. Adaptability needs to be priority as it is part of a sophisticated packaging system that embodies simplicity.

5. Green Effects

It Is important for any business or organization to be moving towards reducing its eco foot print. Landfills are being quickly filled up by consumers. It is for this reason, that any packaging that a company or organization uses needs to be environmentally friendly, as much as possible. Being environmentally friendly will strengthen a business or organization’s brand recognition and brand recall.

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