5 Surefire Tips to Get Noticed On LinkedIn


One common mistake many people make on LinkedIn is to update their profile only when they are actively looking for a job. Unknown to them, recruiters are always searching LinkedIn’s millions of users looking for ideal candidates. LinkedIn is a very useful and powerful website and your profile is in essence, working as an online resume.

Having an outdated or below-par profile will not do you any favours and you may miss out on some outstanding opportunities as a result. Making a habit of keeping this profile fresh and updated could mean that instead of looking for a job, a job might be looking for you. Here are some tips to help you get noticed by job and sales recruiters on LinkedIn.

1. The Photo

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Photos on profiles are very powerful. Surveys have shown that a profile on any website that has a photo has a greater chance of being clicked on and answered. For example, on dating sites, people are more likely to click a profile with a photo. The same holds true for LinkedIn. Upload a professional, high resolution photo of yourself only. There should not be anyone else in the photo. As cute as it may be, try not to upload one with you holding your pet.

2. Location

Some people don’t add their location but make sure you are not one of them. Add your location as it is important as well as effective. Recruiters do searches by location, so you could miss out again on potential opportunities. You would basically take yourself out of the running for many jobs, in which case, there’s really no point even being on LinkedIn. Add your city and if you can get even more specific, such as the metro area, all the better, as this will greatly enhance your chances of being seen.

3. Education Background

If you add your educational background such as the schools you attended as well as your achievements, recruiters will be able to find you in searches. This goes for your friends as well, when they do such searches. Again, just like having a photo gets you greater exposure, adding your education as part of your profile can do the same. The only thing here that you may want to leave off is the year you graduated. This could give recruiters some insight into your age which may cause them to overlook you.

4. Mention Your Current Position

Make sure to add your current position in your profile. If you have an outdated position, recruiters may think that you aren’t active on the site or that you don’t take it seriously. They may feel that it would be pointless to message you. Apart from your current position, add the name of the company and also the date you started.

5. Skills

While you should mention your technical skills, don’t be afraid to add other skills as well. For example, if you’re confident in speaking to an audience or consider yourself to be a good negotiator, mention these strengths. You’ll be surprised how powerful this can be. These can be considered as soft skills, something that is valued by recruiters and employers alike.

Don’t forget to fill the summary section. Mention your experience and interests and anything you feel might matter. Many people don’t realize the importance of the summary section, so make use of it, since recruiters place importance on this section. This will give you the best chance, so don’t skip this part.

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