The Scout Blog: observations from the frontlines of popular culture

Change is the name of the game

The media world is in constant change. Thankfully this change isn’t random. Often it starts small and local with a few enthusiastic and plugged in people exploring a new technology, or listening, watching and digesting a new artist, and spreads from there. This blog is about observing these small changes. It’s about what’s interesting and happening right now – a collective platform to observe, discover, and extrapolate media trends from all over the globe.

The blog contains seven ongoing media-change topics (music, tech, video, fashion + design, sports + leisure, people, brands). And every three months we’ll report in-depth on a special additional topic (e.g. socializing, technology, cellphones).

Who, or what, are the Scouts?

Who are the blog’s contributors? We have a group of wonderful and smart leading edge observers around the world, who report on what they see and like in their own communities. We call them ‘Scouts’ and you can find more about who they are on the ‘Scout’ dropdown above. What makes them Scouts? They’re actively involved in local culture, they’re digitally savvy, and they’re either the creators or observers of trends.

While this blog is created by Mindshare (see below) its contents are not set in stone, nor are any recommendations explicit. The Scouts themselves are not part of Mindshare, and because we take a light editorial approach, their views don’t necessarily represent the views of Mindshare (that’s for the lawyers – ed).

Good and bad comments, or just tips on trends, we’d love to hear from you.

Who made this?

Mindshare created and runs this blog. Here’s our spiel (a marketing dictionary might come in useful, see here). Mindshare is a full-service global marketing agency powered by best-in-class media services delivering national, regional and worldwide solutions to a wide range of clients with diverse target audiences. We have over 6,000 employees in 67 countries dedicated to making our clients’ brands not only famous but also profitable. Mindshare is part of GroupM, the world’s leading global media investment management operation.

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