Pop Goes the Art!

Bhavika | February 21st, 2014

For 25-year old Nidhi Karnavat, turning her hobby into a profession wasn’t so difficult. Drawing inspiration from famous US pop artist Andy Warhol, Nidhi quit her Investor Relations job launch Pop Goes the Art, a business she could call her own.

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A Mirakle Aid for the Deaf

Bhavika | February 9th, 2014

A former investment banker turned social entrepreneur, Dhruv Lakra, 30, aims to kickstart some change in society by launching Mirakle Couriers. This business concept combines innovation and benevolence, as it empowers low-income deaf men and women across India by providing them an opportunity to make a living.
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Going Back to the Routes

Bhavika | November 20th, 2013


“Money, power or reputation doesn’t even feature as part of my priority. All that I’ve endeavored to do is to find my own place and journey in life,” states Inir Pinheiro, the 31-year old social entrepreneur. His venture, Grassroutes, promotes responsible rural tourism by engaging local communities in developing their villages as tourist destinations. Tourism is owned, managed and run by the villagers, thereby providing livelihood opportunities to villagers, and giving a taste of rustic life to city dwellers.

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Bollywood Poster Art gets a Shot in the Arm

Bhavika | November 2nd, 2013

Innovation is the key to success, and 29-year old entrepreneur, Hinesh Jethwani, is a good example of that. Indian Hippy, his e-commerce website founded in 2009, seeks to address an important social issue– to preserve a near extinct hand-painted Bollywood film poster art, used for film advertising in yesteryears.

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Design, the Present and Future

Asia Scout | July 10th, 2013

Custom made clutch purse

The term “design” has different interpretations among the youth. For some, “design” means being cool, trendy, new and functional, whereas for others it resembles an extension of their personality and individuality.

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Indian Saris, the Evolving Fashion Attire

Asia Scout | July 10th, 2010

Designer saree with halter neck blouseSaris in the modern age: Convenient beauty for Indians and others

The Indian sari has been an essential fashion piece in a woman’s wardrobe for ages. Read More

The Causeway Junkie

Asia Scout | May 14th, 2010

Shopping at Colaba Causeway

“Old is gold” goes the famous cliche, but gold is not always affordable. Plus, it’s not cool among today’s youth. Junk jewelry saves the day because it’s something that can be mixed and matched with almost everything. Read More

Are You Happily Unmarried?

Asia Scout | May 14th, 2010

Hand pump bottle stopper

Happily Unmarried is not a common sentiment in India. Most people dream about settling down with their prince or princess. But a duo known as Rajat Tuli and Rahul Anand, the founders of Happily Unmarried, a fun website that sells lifestyle products, targets those who feel different. Read More

The Design Factor: Feminine Colours and the Minimal Look

Asia Scout | May 14th, 2010

Sunsilk Gang of Girls Indian design is becoming global, and is often associated with colours. In earlier days, design would mean traditional patterns, intricate work and the story behind a piece of work. Nowadays, design and colour have taken different meanings. Read More

Custom-made, an Alternative to Mass Appeal Products

Asia Scout | May 5th, 2010

Vitamin Store

In earlier posts, I mentioned how Bollywood sets trends and how popular it is among the masses. But there is a segment that doesn’t believe in following the latest trends. Instead they prefer to create their own designs and styles that reflect their personality, although it comes at a cost. Read More

Riding on Royalty

Asia Scout | May 5th, 2010

Bikers riding their Enfiled

Motorcycles today are getting faster, sleeker and incorporating more technology to improve performance. Today, the roads are full of pro-street Pulsars and Yamahas, something that have gotten the Indian motorcycle industry revved up. But the thump of the beast is still heard, though mellowed by government laws. The Royal Enfield’s distinct sound catches the attention of many. Read More

“Blackberry”, the New Buzzword Among Youth

Asia Scout | April 27th, 2010

Creative Vision M

It’s interesting to get to know various points of view when it comes to design and hype. For me, every time I think of those two words, I remember a particular incident in my life. A few years ago, I had a tough time deciding if I should buy the Creative Zen Vision: M or an Apple iPod. Read More

Getting the ink on

Asia Scout | April 26th, 2010

Tattooing is another hype that is gaining ground in Mumbai, thanks to Bollywood, the resident film industry. According to a trend report, the concept of cool tattoos came through mainstream Bollywood movie celebrities, instead of an underground/alternative route. Read More

Inspired by Bollywood

Asia Scout | April 26th, 2010

A major trend setter in terms of fashion in the city today is the Indian film industry, or better known as Bollywood. When celebrities are spotted in a particular outfit in a film, it is hyped by the media, and then it transcends into a fashion statement for the youth. Read More

The Cool Quotient/Youth and the Design Factor

Asia Scout | April 26th, 2010

Design Lives in Time

In the past, the word “design” would conjure up images of intricate carvings on temple pillars in remote India or mechanisms served people’s basic needs like gharats to grind grain or red postboxes at every corner of the street. But the term has evolved over the years to cover every aspect of life, especially among youth. Read More