A Food Revolution

Christine | February 16th, 2014

In a city like Shanghai where there are more then enough restaurants to last you a lifetime, it is sometimes paradoxically difficult to think of a place where you could enjoy a simple and fresh meal.

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Be Your Own Fashion Designer!

Christine | November 20th, 2013

Last Christmas, what Yoan brought back home to his family in Italy was not a bag full of gifts, but a head full of entrepreneurial ideas. “Whenever I notice a need that people have, I cannot help but start brainstorming about what could be the solution or the service to offer to fulfill that need. I have a dozen of entrepreneurial ideas every week on average. It’s getting close to a compulsive disorder,” he says.

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If There’s (Three) Wheels, There’s a Way

Christine | November 2nd, 2013

Shanghai is the city where even the craziest ideas can come true. Thomas is a free spirit, with a passion for Shanghai and for three wheels. Some may describe him as a crazy man, while others may think of him as an archetypal young and wild entrepreneur who dares to think outside the box.

A crazy city for a crazy man with a crazy idea = the recipe for a successful entrepreneurial venture?

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X-Kicks: China’s Online Community for Sneakerheads

Asia Scout | September 22nd, 2013

Just like sneakerheads all over the world, Chinese shoe aficionados love to talk about, share pictures of and browse through thousands of shoes. In China, X-Kicks is the biggest online gathering point for this sneakerhead community. X-Kicks’ BBS forum receives up to 10,000 comments per day, all pertaining to sneaker culture. Read More

360quan: SNS for China’s ’90s Generation

Asia Scout | September 3rd, 2013

Founded in 2007, 360quan has grown into one of the leading social networking sites for Chinese youth of the post ’90s generation. The most unique aspects of 360quan are the distinctive “non-mainstream” behavior and “martian language” used by users to show off their personalities. Read More

Converse’s “It’s Your Turn” Contest with Queen Sea Big Shark

Asia Scout | September 17th, 2009

“It’s Your Turn” (到你了) is what Converse (China) has aptly titled its latest campaign featuring its flagship spokespeople, Queen Sea Big Shark, one of China’s better-known indie bands. The campaign offers a competition whose rewards not only include having your lyrics included in the band’s new song, “Let’s Play”, but also offers cameo appearances in the song’s music videoRead More

Douban: China’s Culturally Focused SNS

Asia Scout | September 17th, 2009

For the past 4 years, Douban has grown from a small site of book reviews into one of the largest social networking sites for highly educated, culturally inclined Chinese netizens. Read More

Swatch MTV Playground in Shanghai

Asia Scout | September 16th, 2009


As part of the global Swatch MTV Playground campaign, Shanghai recently hosted a competition for Chinese creatives who were given 90 minutes to draw/graffiti/produce a work centered around an enormous replica of a Swatch watch. Read More

Dianping – Reviewing China’s Restaurant & City Life

Asia Scout | August 20th, 2009

Everyone knows that China is an extremely gastronomic-centric culture where much time and effort is put into finding the best restaurants. For foodies in China, many turn to, the largest user-generated restaurant review site in China, covering more than 500,000 restaurants in over 300 cities in China. Read More

Udancecn – An Online Community for China’s Electronic Dance Music

Asia Scout | August 18th, 2009

Shanghai is well known in China as being the leading city for club-goers who are looking for dance music. When not in dance clubs, internet users can go to Udancecn, which describes itself as “China’s first and only 24-hour electronic dance music internet radio station”. Read More

China’s Online Lomography Community

Asia Scout | July 30th, 2009

In the past five years, the casual snapshot style of lomo photography has gained fans throughout China, and in virtually every large city you will be able to find a group of young photographers who get together regularly to take pictures and enjoy the carefree spirit of lomography. To share their photography, lomo fans turn to as a congregation point. It’s the largest lomo site in China. Read More

SongTaste: Discovering Chinese Music

Asia Scout | July 29th, 2009

When it comes to sharing and discovering new music in China, SongTaste hosts one of the most passionate communities, and is recognized as being a true Web 2.0 music community. Read More

Childhood Memories Party in Shanghai

Asia Scout | July 7th, 2009

At the end of May, Neocha studios hosted an event organized by Shanghai-based designer, Tyakasha. The theme for the party was “Your Childhood Crush”, and each of the 30 participants told a story about their biggest crush from their childhood years, whether it is was a beautiful actress or a superhero. After voting for the best (often funniest) stories, the winners took home one of Tyakasha’s designs, including his new product line of T-shirts, hats, stickers, dolls and more. Read More

Skateboarding in Shanghai

Asia Scout | July 6th, 2009

While skateboarding in China has not taken off in the same way as the sport has in other countries, it has slowly developed a strong following in urban areas, and Shanghai boasts one of the largest communities.  Read More

Eco-Friendly Gadget Designs from Chinese Students

Asia Scout | July 6th, 2009

Sony Sound of Water: Bathman Shower Music Player

As part of a Sony initiative, Chinese industrial design students have created a series of innovative products that incorporate an eco-friendly angle.

This shower head from Peng Shi-Nan of Dong Hwa University captures hydro energy from the flow of water to power the Bathman music player. The style of music is determined by the force of the flow, so a gentle shower gives you softer music, while a strong flow may result in some intense rock music. Read More