Trust the Trust Fund

Xin | February 16th, 2014

The other day, a taxi uncle (in Singapore, all elder males are affectionately called ‘uncle’ and all elder females, ‘auntieeee’– yeah, drag the ‘eee’) told me:

“One generation makes the money; One generation maintains the money; One generation squanders the money; Your generation, miss, is at the 3rd cycle. You all just want to be spoon-fed and live the good life with your mind up there…don’t want to work hard… useless! Lazy! Vain! Possessed!

(Awkward silence).

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Blessing in Diapers

Xin | February 2nd, 2014

For most guys, I’ve observed, life is like stew. You dump it all in and pray it straightens itself out. But what if you’re a chef and you are required to know how to swing it at each step of the way? This is the story of Ken Chia, 34.

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The Inker in Thinker

Xin | January 20th, 2014

Ask your entrepreneur mates to complete the sentence.

“I’m not an entrepreneur lah (lah is a Singlish (Singapore-English) word appended to sentences to give it some character. In this case, it lends the speaker some bashful humility)… I’m just a _____________________” Read More

The Online Citizen

Asia Scout | August 11th, 2013

The Online Citizen aims to give Singaporeans stories and news articles that are not presented in the mainstream. Read More

Kiteboarders catch the wind!

Asia Scout | August 10th, 2013

One of the least populated sports is kiteboarding. It’s always a sight to watch, but few dare take it up. Read More

Snap Snap Snap!

Asia Scout | August 11th, 2009

Photography has become, in the past 10 years, a hobby for many amateurs with much thanks to the rise of the Toy Camera. Many of my friends have moved on from taking photos from with the LCA and Holga to proper DSLR or SLR cameras. Read More

Airsoft, the bad boy of sports

Asia Scout | August 2nd, 2009


This is macho stuff, guys. I don’t believe in guns, even if they’re used for sport. Anyway, Airsoft is a sport that has competitors shoot at targets, while measuring their speed and accuracy (much like the FBI training courses you see on TV, I supposed :P). They run through the course, and it comes with guidelines that you have to adhere to. Read More

Cheerleaders Unite! *somersault backflip*

Asia Scout | August 2nd, 2009

The sight of cheerleaders looking extremely happy, prancing about in short skirts, and shouting slightly inaudible cheers, warms the hearts of many men. So Singaporean men will be happy to know that there is a thriving cheerleading community here on our sunny shores. So thriving that an association was set up in 2003 to represent the different teams, and to set up competitions and roadshows at malls. Many of the local teams are representing universities and polytechnics, while a few rare independent teams are associated with basketball teams, or other sports teams that need cheering.

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Food Buzz Singapore

Asia Scout | July 30th, 2009

Singapore is latest chapter in the fastest growing food community online. Foodbuzz has over a million posts from 10,000 blogs worldwide, and Singapore’s branch is no small contributor judging by its very active blogs, photos and recipes submitted. Our foodies are on par with those from San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and other foodies from all over the world. Read More

Who is your latest crush? Who, who, who?

Asia Scout | July 29th, 2009

Alicia, the self-professed pedophile

“I love Ang Mohs (a Singaporean term for Caucasian, meaning ‘red haired”), and it’s precisely kids like these (motions to two random, unsuspecting little Caucasian boys eating ice cream) that make me a pedophile”, says Alicia, much to the alarm of their mother sitting by them. Hmm, I wonder if Alicia purposely replaced “I really love kids” with “pedophile”. But then again, one can never judge a sexual predator by its cover. Use a dictionary!

Anyway, all this can be seen on Singapore’s latest video-blogging site, vLogCRUSH. Read More

Buzz Singapore

Asia Scout | July 28th, 2009

Buzz Singapore is one of the latest social networking sites. It started in 2008, and has grown to 849 members of all nationalities in just over a year. Read More

Go Forth and Multiplyyy!

Asia Scout | July 28th, 2009

Multiply boasts that it’s a secure network, a family-friendly media sharing site where you can easily “create, share, and discuss your blogs, photos, and videos with more of the people you know, and fewer with the people you don’t know”.

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S.O.F.T. – Music in Singapore

Asia Scout | July 22nd, 2009

S.O.F.T. has been in existence, as far as I can remember (I have very poor memory), since 2003. The site doesn’t talk about the network’s history, but it describes itself on the site’s wiki as a “collaborative website [that] aims to complement the Singaporean music scene, culture, and its people with a medium via which individuals can communicate and acquire knowledge, as the same time we supplement the Singapore Music Community and Forum with pools of organised information that would otherwise be lost on the discussion board”.

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Skateboarders, rubber and wax!

Asia Scout | July 15th, 2009

I know skateboarders who are well over 30, and kids as young as 9 who pick skateboarding up! I used to hang out with skateboarders when I was 15, and tried it for a couple of weeks with my neon pink Ray Barbie deck that came complete with Big Slime Ball wheels and Independent Trucks. I completed ollies, which were probably a half an inch high, and gave up the sport with a smug smile on my face. Success! What an underachiever I was!

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Ultimately Frisbeein’

Asia Scout | July 14th, 2009

Team Freakshow

I’m sure a sport that combines the fun of basketball, football and frisbee could use a better name than Ultimate Frisbee. The rules are pretty simple. You begin with two teams of seven players on a field that is almost as long as a soccer field, and about 2/3 as wide. Players move the disc by passing, and each player has ten seconds to pass the disc. To score, a player has to catch it within the team’s offensive end-zone. My eyes have glazed over. Read More