Printed Selfies

Loes | January 25th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 14.03.29

Sending your boyfriend or girlfriend a selfie picture is already fun, but it just got a little more fun. If you are a Microsoft Kinect user, you can now scan your body with the motion capture device and order a 3D-printed miniature model of yourself.

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Loes | January 24th, 2014

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I was really curious as to the new shop that would come into the building across from my flat, even more so because it took them months to renovate the place. And I was pleasantly surprised when one afternoon I looked inside, and it turned out my new neighbour was STACH, a small but great food shop. They sell tasty sandwiches, organic bread, many choices for a healthy dinner, salads, soup and pastries.

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Doka – One Charming Basement

Loes | January 23rd, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 15.46.51

I was really disappointed when one of my favourite bars, Canvas, closed its doors  to be renovated. Canvas has the best rooftop in town. Many hot summer nights were spent here with tasty cocktails – not to mention one really good looking bartender.

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Hay There!

Loes | January 22nd, 2014

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I’ve always been a big fan of simple Scandinavian designs. Clothes or furniture, it doesn’t matter, I love it! I recently became aware of Danish furniture brand Hay and I’m really excited they’ve opened a shop in Amsterdam.

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The Tasty Festival

Loes | January 21st, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 13.08.21

In Amsterdam, you don’t get a lot of options when it comes to doing your groceries. Albert Heijn supermarkets basically rule the city centre and we have a couple of street food markets, but they always seem to have vanished by the time I get off work. Once a month though, this food-lovers heart makes a little jump when the Neighbour Food Market is in town and takes over the Westergas terrain.

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Unique Collaboration For Amsterdam Dance Event

Loes | January 20th, 2014

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Every year, electronic music lovers party for a week straight when it’s time for Amsterdam Dance Event. ADE is the leading electronic music platform and the biggest club festival in the world for the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres. For Amsterdam Dance Event 2013, one of Amsterdams best known – and my absolute favourite – clubs, Trouw, collaborated with the Amsterdam Concertbuilding and brought Henrik Schwarz in to play. Henrik Schwarz is known to many as one of the big names with Berlin based label Innervisions. Read More

Amsterdam Gardens

Loes | January 20th, 2014

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What’s more fun than having a little peak behind doors that are usually closed? Nothing, right? Than this is the event for you.

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Sandwiches By Bert

Loes | January 20th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 14.31.26

You know that feeling when you’re hungover and in the mood for a great amount of food, and there is only one place you want to go to? For me this place is without doubt Broodje Bert. A tiny but legendary sandwich shop overlooking the Amsterdam canals. A true gem.

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Is The Sky The Limit?

Loes | January 20th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 15.57.28

You and Newton will be surprised with how well your plants will do upside down. I have been seeing more and more shops and restaurants in Amsterdam with plants, hanging upside down from the ceiling. Although it looks cool, I always assumed they would last a week, and then run out of water and die or something. But then I stumbled across this sky planter by Central Saint Martins graduate Patrick Morris and it turns out it’s not so hard.

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Definitely An Arty Tattoo

Loes | January 20th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.18.05

Okay I’ll admit it. I like tattoos. There’s just one problem, they don’t come off in the shower. Or when they do, they usually come in the shape of a cartoon and you buy them with a package of children’s gum. So you can imagine I was really happy when I went to my favourite design shop and I found this beautiful stick-on tattoo, inspired by a flower painting in the collection called ‘Still life with flowers and glass vase’ by Jan Davidszn.

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‘Fat Monk’ by Rat vs Possum

Loes | October 18th, 2013

FatMonkI came across this video on the web last week, and think it is absolutely amazing. Read More

Taragana Pyjarama

Loes | October 15th, 2013

TaraganaKompakt’s artist Taragana Pyjarama (Nick Eriksen) rides a fine cosmic-disco wave on his album called Nothing Hype. Read More

Photos On Your Phone

Loes | October 12th, 2013

LatestPhotoOnPhoneI came across this really cool video that was made by Ivan Cash, who went around San Francisco asking strangers “What’s the last photo on your phone?”. Read More

Click and Grow

Loes | October 9th, 2013

ClickandGrowIn my free time I love to cook and love to grow my own spices to cook with. I came across this handy device that serves as some kind of ‘plant growing station’ called ‘Click and Grow’. Read More

Oliver Zahm Coolest Fashion

Loes | September 2nd, 2013

Olivier Zahm - PURPLE FASHION Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Editor-in-chief of the world’s coolest fashion bible ‘Purple Magazine’ is Oliver Zahm. This guy and his projects, are really worth to keep an eye on. Read More