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Gabriel Bruce = Lady Joe Rideout

Bruno | April 3rd, 2014

gabriel bruce : moschino

I don’t know anything about fashion. I do know my sister used to have a gold Moschino puffer jacket, my mate Jason had Moschino jeans with barbed wire pruned all over them, and everyone I ever wanted to dress like from the age of 15-20 were usually wearing Mosch. That said, they could be making leather kilts for all I know these days. But whatever – the video for their new collection, by photographer turned filmmaker Joe Ridout, features a somewhat surprising musical accompaniment… The usually gravelly vocals of Gabriel Bruce, here speeded up, are a bit hard to recognise, but the music’s great, as should be expected. Well done guys.

Boiler Room’s 5’s

Bruno | April 3rd, 2014

boiler room 5s

Last month saw the return of the Boiler Room 5’s Boiler Room – purveyors of excellent DJ lineups, live sets, and originators of the online rave – brought back their wildly popular concept of 5-a-side football. Not that it was technically their invention, but they had the smart idea a few years back of getting trendy London companies to play between each other. This year Young Turks, Warp, Vice, Palace, NTS, and others got together, with kits provided by Adidas, to slog it out in Haggerston Park. With BBQ, a Boiler Room sound system and an all round amazing atmosphere, Palace went on to beat Warp and become the 5’s champions for 2013. Well done to them. My team got to the semis before being resolutely battered by Warp. Well done to Errol from Noisey for scoring four of our goals, and playing on with a dislocated shoulder. 

Mushpit In Serpentine

Bruno | March 9th, 2014


The Mushpit is the distillation of the 90s teen girl mag fantasies of its editors–Bertie Brandes and Charlotte Roberts. It’s like being locked inside an excited/bitchy/loveable teen’s brain.

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Girl Eats Food Is Back!

Bruno | March 8th, 2014

girl eats food

If you were lucky enough to catch the original Girl Eats Food series on VICE.COM back in 2012 then you will remember the sight of watching Jo Fuertes-Knight shove cans of Red Stripe up chicken arses, or injecting cough syrup into belly pork.

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Bruno | March 7th, 2014


After months of having to live without Rita’s amazing food, there’s good news for anyone who had become used to being able to drop in there for a chicken roll, fish burger, sticky soy wings or green chili mac and cheese (or any of the other endlessly delicious stuff they kicked out of their kitchen in Birthdays, Dalston): They are re-opening soon, in a (currently) secret Mare Street location. Read More

Frozen Chicken Train Wreck

Bruno | March 6th, 2014

fraozen chicken train wreck

There’s nothing quite as uplifting, or potentially devastating to an early morning walk home than tabloid a-board posters. Wandering toward bed, worse for wear through East Ham at 6am? Headline about a pit bull eating a baby? Perfect – just enough to tip your emotional turmoil over the edge into full on misery.

These transient posters, pumped out by newsrooms to lure in the mawkish, voyeuristic despair fiend inside us all are usually thrown away at the end of the day. However, Laurence Hamburger of South Africa has been for some time collecting the more outstanding examples of these posters. His collection comes to you via the excellently named Fried Chicken Train Wreck, published by Chopped Liver Press and Ditto Press. It’s an amazing look at these strange statements, chucked into the street at no one in particular, at once relevant to all of our lives, and also totally dislocated… ‘ET SEX DEATH RIDDLE’ anyone?

Ted’s Drawers

Bruno | March 5th, 2014

ted's draws

You might have seen illustrator Ted Pearce’s ranges of t-shirts around lately. I know all about Ted and his t-shirts because I used to live in a damp riddled flat with him and the other half of the company.

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Value Papers

Bruno | March 4th, 2014

value papers

Mash-up is a dirty term in my book. Mash-ups as a musical genre are possibly the most effective way to ruin two good songs in one go. Ever wanted to know what Cass McCoombs would sound like if you crowbarred his vocals over some sublet? No, exactly.

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NTS Radio

Bruno | March 3rd, 2014

nts radio

For anyone who can’t bear the babble of mainstream radio the inane patter of whichever ex-TV host is slogging their way through two hours of prattling at van drivers about how many disabled parking spaces there really should be outside the local Argos and the painfully repetitive music rotas. There is an alternative.

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Prosecco On Tap

Annah | February 4th, 2014


Mimosas are ditching their orange juice, cocktails are sparkling up, and draft is not just for beer anymore: 2014 will be the year of Prosecco. My first experience with the next wave in regular wine consumption occurred at La Mele et Pere in London’s Soho. They have their own Prosecco tap and after having it, I knew I’d never drink bubbly the same way again.

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Arse Apocalypse

Bruno | January 26th, 2014

arse apocalypse

Cosmetic surgery has been about for a long time. Boobs were the big deal in the 50s and 60s. But since then the arse seems to have become the focus of cosmetic surgery’s trends – especially in the last twenty years.

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Bruno | January 25th, 2014

troy bar

Having had the dubious honour of working in shoreditch for over six years, I can honestly say the best place to get lunch is Troy.

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Conet Project

Bruno | January 25th, 2014

conet project numbers stations : conet project

Do you like reading Le Carre books? Do you like scaring yourself thinking about world war three, Chernobyl, international espionage and assassination? If you do then numbers stations are a really infuriating and fascinating thing to get interested in.

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Bruno | January 25th, 2014



VICE’s new vertical is up. Thump, itself an offshoot of VICE’s music only site,, will focus only on electronic music, and culture.

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Leo Fitzpatrick’s New Zine

Bruno | January 24th, 2014

leo fitzpatrick

Ben Rayner, photographer, sometime musician, and highly productive zine-maker, is releasing a new zine through his Rayner Books publishing wing. However, this time the photos are not his, they are Leo Fitzpatrick’s.

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