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Blog for money

Dmitry | August 19th, 2013


“I’m running a magazine and it’s all about my balls”, said a character of 2010’s hipster anthem ‘Being a Dickhead’s Cool’. But had he ever said anything about commissions on sales or cross-browser compatibility? And what about distribution and revenue? Back in 2010 web technologies were notably weaker and regular dickheads could only dream about web publishing platforms that would allow them to monetize their content. Read More

And get that teleport!

Dmitry | August 19th, 2013


«Biting Elbows» is a Moscow indie rock band that nobody knows nothing about. We’re talking about the sort of indie rock bands that have contracts with major labels and play universally horrifying polished studio rock. Moreover, the band’s producer turns out to be a firm believer in the dictum that ‘a rock band must insert the word ‘rock-n-roll’ in each and every song’, hence: Read More

Food for Fotts

Dmitry | August 14th, 2013

FOOD FOR FOTTS was one of the first forums on the Russian Internet. Later it turned into a clothes-only website. No wonder, in the early 00’s we all felt the need to change our approach to life and appearance and make it more personal.  This need took the form of pronounced interest in the clothes we wore. The Internet made personality synonymic to appearance and made trendiness even more important than before. Read More

Shut up and play the films

Dmitry | August 14th, 2013

Shut up and play the films

The fourth Beat Film Festival finished last Sunday. It is the only Russian documentary film festival devoted to music.  This year’s programme was more than diverse – from the world premiere of Francis Whately’s ‘David Bowie — Five Years’ (dedicated to the most important years of singer’s career) to Marcelo Machado and his ‘Tropicalia’ – a vivid documentary on the famous Brazilian artistic movement associated with such names as Caetano Veloso, Gilbertu Gil, Os Mutantes and Gal Costa. Read More

The adventures of whiskey bottle in the land of independent cinema

Dmitry | August 14th, 2013

The Adventures Of Whiskey Bottle

Just got back home from the police station. Thanks to the local independent film industry.  Here’s the story…

Read More

G-Sessions in Saint-Petersburg

Dmitry | August 14th, 2013

G-Sessions in Saint-Petersburg

Another G-SHOCK pop-up store opened last weekend, this time in Saint-Petersburg, marking the start of the Russian G-Sessions — part of the huge campaign Casio started to celebrate G-Shock’s 30 th anniversary. Read More

Balls Of Steel For The Price Of Crappy Hairсut

Dmitry | July 8th, 2013

Crappy Haircut

I have an edifying story to share with you, guys. I’ve been addressed as ‘miss’ on public transport for a while now, so I decided to have a haircut. In the local barber shop, due to general lack of skill or just simple idiocy they gave a really nightmarish one. It cost me 250 rubles (around 10$) and now, to avoid the consequences, I have had to shave my head. So it’s all shiny and round as a ball. Read More

When A Mixtape Really Is a Tape

Dmitry | July 8th, 2013


When was the last time you exercised in inventing unnecessary music genres? It’s sooo 2010, right? Since the modern twisted pop music is mainly described as ‘bleepybloop experimental bullshit’ we all got a little lazy genre-lising-wise. I recently found out that the guys I’ve been hanging out with, Sasha and Stasya, were running a micro label, Singapore Sling Tapes. And it’s all about twisted US lo-fi pop. And it’s a tape label too. Read More

Watch Your Feet

Dmitry | July 8th, 2013

Watch Your Feet

A widely discussed matter of whether or not people should be wearing loafers with socks may be given new life as the city’s getting hotter. What seemed to be a national issue — sandals with socks — is long-forgotten (at least in the capital) but as for the rest of summer shoes, the dilemma comes back after a short winter break in all its ambiguity.The correct answer, of course, is not! Don’t wear socks in summer, scientists have proven it’s bad for the health, for other people’s eyes specifically. I thought it was clear, I was wrong. Read More

Soviet Arcade Machines

Dmitry | July 8th, 2013

Soviet Arcade Machine 1

The Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines in northeast Moscow is a place where history meets the current digital age, and where the golden museum rule of ‘look but don’t touch’ is disregarded, creating a dynamic space where the interaction of visitors with the machines (15 kopeks per game!) becomes a vital element of the exhibition. Read More

Oh No, Not This Again!

Dmitry | July 5th, 2013

Oh No Not This again

Let me put it bluntly. The mere existence of media celebrities, film directors and other /fascinating characters, that find their way from an exhibition opening in the Moscow Museum Of Modern Art to some foppish film premiere in Hyatt sniffing cocaine, plunges an average citizen into despair. There is a pronounced need if not for revenge then for an equalizer, something that will breathe new life into our dehydrated brains after the crushing boredom of the high life poured on us from TV screens. Read More

Stocking up

Igor | January 12th, 2013

Jacob Carda is a Russian entrepreneur and designer who brought some excitement back to the dullest thing on the planet – buying a new pair of jeans. Read More

Melting spot

Igor | January 10th, 2013

Real talents differ from other people because they are able to surprise on a constant basis. Arkady Novikov,  the owner of the Gargantuan restaurant empire,  just can’t get enough. His most recent venture is a surprisingly tiny  bar ‘Kamchatka’ located just opposite the capital’s poshest department store and Bolshoi theater. Read More

Lo-fi revolt

Igor | January 8th, 2013

Borth Hermetic is a creative alter ego of a multitask musician Evgeniy Kostkove, previously known for his mischievous performance in a church accompanied by drums and infernal noise. Read More

Stick To The Roots

Igor | January 6th, 2013


Dog fights, off-road racing and no-rules wrestling. By looking at a young Dagestani artist Taus Makhacheva you would never guess that these subjects might have anything to do with her well-bred and delicate demeanor. Read More