aka The Oak, Fat town and Sissyville (‘Fjollträsk’)

Dagmar’s Basic Instinct

Milene | April 15th, 2014


Swedish fashion label Dagmar has been around since the mid noughties and much in line with the rest of the Swedish fashion industry, it is religiously minimalist, shuns colour and has a taste for quality fabrics.

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Pia Simensen

Milene | April 14th, 2014


Swedish illustrator Pia Simensen used to be a stylist and one half of the designer duo Karin & Pias. She then changed paths from fashion to art and now spends her time drawing equally beautiful and scary black metal inspired graphite pieces.

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The Sound Of Nordic Concrete Jungles

Milene | April 12th, 2014

Örnsberg cover

Örnsberg is one of the many Stockholm suburbs that were built or expanded between 1965 and 1975, as part of Miljonprogrammet (the million program)— an initiative to create affordable living for the working classes with the promise to build a million homes within a decade.

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Vanligt Folk

Milene | April 11th, 2014


Vanligt Folk (Normal People) sounds a bit like Gothenburg bad boy duo Tough Alliance, only Vanligt Folk actually play instruments live and are angry not in a rebel-without-a-cause type of way, but in a socio political sense.

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White Fur

Milene | April 10th, 2014


Malmö based prog pop band Vit Päls (White Fur) draws its inspiration from Sweden’s 1970s green wave bands, or, rather ”collectives of music-playing individuals.” Big band constellations jamming out drone-y, repetitive tunes about social issues told from a personal perspective.

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Museum Of Bellas Artes

Milene | April 10th, 2014


Museum Of Bellas Artes is a Stockholm trio dealing in dreamy alternative disco pop, consisting of Joanna Herskovits, Leonard Öhman and Alice Luther. They’ve been hyped internationally in hip music and lifestyle blogs and magazines ever since their first single “Who Do You Love” came out in 2009.

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Urban Ears X Pendleton

Milene | April 10th, 2014


Swedish headphone brand Urbanears has been pioneering the market of functional and fashionable headphones since 2008, by providing urbanites with neat slick designs in a range of carefully selected colours, complete with a microphone and a remote, to make the trendy ear adornments compatible with most phones, laptops and tablets.

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Milene | April 10th, 2014

gagnef 4

Gagnef is the most well kept secret on the Swedish festival bill. It’s like one of those dishes in Chinese restaurants that are only listed in the Chinese language version of the menu—it only cares about tantalizing the taste buds of those already in the know.

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Maria Nilsdotter’s Magic Jewellery

Milene | November 5th, 2013


Maria Nilsdotter’s handmade jewellery is popular among Swedes because it reminds them of old folklore tales and pagan magic. All her collections have themes, like “Spellbound,” inspired by nomads and occultism, or “Up North,” inspired by ancient Norse mythology. Her latest collection “Lost World” tells the story of unknown places, secret gardens and old abandoned architectures. Read More

Nutty Shoe Shoises

Milene | August 19th, 2013


Hoping to appeal to the Gagas of the world, Swedish arty shoe label Shoise makes bonkers shoes with 20-centimeter heels made out of stuff like engine parts; or screws and bolts to create platform soles for a pair they’ve called “screwed up”. Founders Petra Högström and Matilda Maroti launched Shoise in 2012. The shoes are bought on demand directly from them, and buyers are encouraged to customize the footgear to new levels of height or weirdness. Read More

Shaking the habitual

Milene | August 19th, 2013


Shaking the Habitual is sibling duo Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer, a.k.a. The Knife‘s, first album in seven years. Since 1999, they’ve put Sweden on the electronic music map with their dark, sinister beats, which they release on their own label Rabid Records. Read More

Blod eld död

Milene | August 19th, 2013


Swedish journalist, editor and publisher Ika Johannesson is one of those inspiring overachievers without whom Swedish culture would be a lot less vibrant and happening. She used to run the publication SEX, which stopped coming out in 2007 and left a vacuum in terms of a fresh take on alternative lifestyle and subculture writing in Swedish aimed at young people. Read More

Stockhom’s best garden party is under the bridge

Milene | August 19th, 2013


Under the Skanstull bridge in Södermalm, Stockholm, you’ll find one of the city’s best spots for dancing to DJs that don’t play boring music. In the winter, the parties happen indoors at the club Under Bron, which also has an exhibition space, and in the summer, the shindig moves outdoors to Trägården (which is the word for garden in Swedish) where you can sip on pricey cocktails and watch the sun setting and rising – a summertime nature phenomena that never ceases to startle non-Swedes. Read More


Milene | August 19th, 2013

byredo travel

 The Stockholm based fragrance house BYREDO has, since its start in 2006, proven that you don’t need a well-known high fashion name or a celeb to sell expensive perfumes. You just need a head for business and a nose for style. Byredo’s edgy fragrances can be smelled in 22 countries and who wouldn’t want the whole set of their stylish leather-covered travel size flasks? Read More

Badlands – Tutu

Milene | July 24th, 2013


Catharina Jaunviksna, who makes dreamy Cocteau Twins-sounding pop under the name Badlands, has released a long awaited single called Tutu.The video for the track is a pretty impressive display of director/editor Tobias Dunér Axelsson’s dedication: it’s a stop motion film consisting of 5,000 images of a girl dancing alone in a dimly lit film studio. Read More