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Roman (Forno)

Dori | April 3rd, 2014

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Rome is the greatest weekend escape in Europe. That is to say – yes, it is crowded, season is always high, but if you’re not focused on dropping a coin in the Trevi then there are lots of things to see and do. I go there every year and discover something new. Rome is an amazing place for foodies. Dining, drinking, food shopping – Rome Digest or ParlaFood are sites that will fill you in. This city is like a film set. Coming from chaotic architecture in Warsaw it seems almost unreal. Recently I discovered great neighbourhood of Testaccio. Loved the market and restaurants nearby. I also enjoyed not only the wines (and long conversations about wine) but cocktails – which is pretty new to Rome. Had a great Milanese at Barnum Cafe and a divine Aviation at Jerry Thomas Speakeasy. Fornos (bakeries) are a must. They are not gluten free, quite the opposite.

Happy Mess

Dori | March 4th, 2014


While on holiday in Portugal a good friend of mine asked me to do something unexpected. Couple of weeks ago I got bored with my haircut so got rid of most of hair and decided to stick with short hair.

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Dori | March 3rd, 2014

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Buying fashion online is definitely my thing. I’v experienced some major fails while buying shoes but in general I think it is one of the best everyday life improvements for me in the last 5 years. Read More


Dori | March 2nd, 2014


Although I don’t wear glasses I’ve always liked looking at people with great eye wear. Moscot is this brand that has it all – intriguing name, nice logo, engaging brand story. Read More

Local Superfoods Make More Sense

Dori | February 28th, 2014



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Brazil nuts, acai, goji, coconut oil, green tea, noni – these are commonly advised as healthy super foodsI’ve got a slight problem though – none of popular superfoods are grown in Poland or even Europe. It made me recently think that idea of superfoods is fine but every region should stick to their powerful plant-derived ingredients to strengthen body and mind.

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Maciej Nowak

Dori | February 26th, 2014

maciej nowak top chef

Food critics in Poland are a very rare specimen. There are a lot of food bloggers but not many journalists with sharp language and solid influence on gastronomy. We don’t have New York Times reviewing style – so that critics are anonymous their image is not public.

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Reading In The Sun

Dori | February 23rd, 2014

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I hate big suitcases and packing efficiently is my new thing or even obsession. There’s no need to take a lot of stuff with you, exercise your brain and pick essentials. Be focused.  Wait one year and I’ll be raving about new RyanAir luggage fees.

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Hotel Tonight

Dori | February 20th, 2014


On my recent trip to New York I checked out the Hotel Tonight app. It is a system that allows you to book unsold rooms in the best hotels at great rates. It is easy, it is mobile, but it also very last minute.

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Breaking Good

Dori | February 19th, 2014

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“Best series ever”. “Best series of all time”. “Among greatest series on television”. A couple of reviews like these quoted above finally pushed me to making a decision of going through episode one of “Breaking Bad”. It wasn’t easy – I find the three first episodes extremely boring and ugly.

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Dinosaurs Are O.K.

Dori | October 30th, 2013

Todd Rundgren has been recording for more than three decades. His musical career has gone from simple pop that never brought the success some critics felt he deserved (only one gold LP, Something/Anything?) to the more complex progressive rock of Utopia, which did gain Rundgren a devoted cult following. Read More


Dori | October 28th, 2013

Founded in March 2007, Hulu is operated independently. NBC Universal, News Corp., The Walt Disney Company, Providence Equity Partners and the Hulu team share in the ownership stake of the company. Thanks to that you get access to premium TV series 24/7. Whoop! Read More

Wine Library by Gary Vaynerchuk

Dori | October 25th, 2013

wine library tv

Gary is a person you either love or hate.  He’s one the people that started a very controversial movement in the USA, a movement that sought to stop the stereotypes that prevent people from enjoying the exciting and rewarding world of wine. Gary Vaynerchuk, the star of Wine Library TV (which started as a regular YouTube channel), once convinced Conan O’Brien to lick salted rocks and shared samples of dirt and grass with Ellen Degeneres. Read More

Iza Lach

Dori | October 23rd, 2013


Iza wrote her first album at sixteen and followed it up with sophomore effort, Krzyk (or The Scream) earning her two Polish Grammy nominations. Hailed as Poland’s answer to Lily Allen, the singer/songwriter/producer combines sweet soprano melodies and low-key synth, all tailor-made for a rainy day. Read More

Daniel Pawelek

Dori | October 22nd, 2013



Every city has its leading restaurateur that is widely respected by the clients of his restaurants, but also his competitors. Read More

Grzegorz Piatek

Dori | October 20th, 2013

grzegorz piatek

Grzegorz Piatek is an architect, but he is more known as an expert of its theory. He specialises in urban sciences and history of architecture. Read More