São Paulo

Plastic Kaiser

Carol | March 24th, 2013


Melissa is one of the best examples of co-branding between Brazilian brands and continues innovative never seen before partnerships for its famous plastic shoes. The latest one being with no other than Karl Lagerfeld. Read More

Remixing the success

Carol | March 21st, 2013

If rap was the most talked sound of 2012 in Brazil, blame Leandro Roque, a.k.a. Emicida, for most part of this success. One of the exponents of the new Brazilian rap and the biggest name since Racionais MCs -Emicida won major awards at MTV Brazil- played at Coachella and had a record sponsored by Vice Magazine and Intel’s, the Creators Project. Read More

Skate with a girl

Carol | March 17th, 2013


Outdoor sports are becoming increasingly popular in Rio de Janeiro every summer, and this fashion began to spread to other states in Brazil recently. Read More

Off to sports

Carol | March 16th, 2013

Globosat created a new channel that focus on what viewers seek the most: to disconnect from their busy lives and connect with nature and activities that make them slow down. In only one year of existence, the OFF channel has become a reference in action, adventure and adrenaline, as well as idyllic scenery, depicting a lifestyle rarely seen on TV before. Read More

Find your greatness

Carol | March 16th, 2013


The national version of “Find your greatness”,  Nike’s global campaign preceding the Olympic games features great Brazilian athletes sponsored by the sports giant, such as Neymar, Anderson Silva, Mauren Maggi, among others, mixed with amateur athletes who give all their best to compete. Read More


Carol | March 15th, 2013


Regina Case is a well known face in Brazilian television, but her latest venture, the Esquenta (translating as ‘warm up’), reaches the end of the third season with a great share of the audience, continuing on Globo’s schedule indefinitely from now. Read More

A network of comedy

Carol | March 12th, 2013


62 comedy productions accessed over 88 million times. These are the numbers of the Porta dos Fundos (meaning “backdoor”) collective, a group of five friends who now are considered the most vitalized content over the internet in Brazil. In January 2013, their Facebook page was accessed 36 million times, a record for the video portal. Read More

Holger, indie flavor of the tropics

Carol | March 8th, 2013

Few bands could become relevant nationally in Brazil while seeking international exposure. This is the case of Holger, who after playing overseas festivals like SXSW, carries on being one of the most unique and interesting bands on the Brazilian music scene. Read More

Funky and affordable German design

Carol | March 7th, 2013


The idea of a German design in São Paulo has become synonymous with funky and affordable furniture. Thinking of the Brazilian new middle class, which is constantly improving it’s power of purchase, Max Reichel created Oppa.com.br, an online catalog where you can buy designer pieces like sofas, chairs, tables and dressers, all with high quality and a fair price. Read More

Easy Taxi, the solution for commuters

Carol | March 1st, 2013



For a country that is an early adopter of technology but with big transportation problems, an application that helps you find a taxi seems the solution. Especially in cities where where the taxi fleet do not account for the demand. Read More

Brazil’s Top Chef: Alex Atala

Carol | January 23rd, 2013


One of the great chefs of Brazilian cuisine, Alex Atala can also be recognized for his constant work to spread the Brazilian culture and keep it alive. Read More

Smart food business in Brazil

Carol | January 19th, 2013

The food fair ‘O Mercado’ has conquered a large captive audience and brought freshness to the gastronomic scene in a city with diverse, but highly expensive dining options. Read More

Affordable art by home design chain

Carol | October 25th, 2012

Brazilian home design chain Tok & Stok is shedding new light to art production with a project called Art For You. In a partnership with plastic artist and curator Pinky Wainer, Tok & Stok created a platform to showcase up and coming, well established artists to make their work accessible and affordable to a wider public. Read More

Burberry launches global project in Brazil

Carol | October 24th, 2012

Having recently opened their flagship store at JK Iguatemi mall, Burberry now brings Art of The Trench to Brazil. The global project, launched in 2009, is a website showcasing people from all over the world in pictures wearing their trench coats. While some of them are shot by the brand, audiences can also upload their own pictures to the website. Read More

Fresno: space and balloons in their new video single

Carol | October 24th, 2012

The new Fresno music video features images from a balloon launched by the band into space. And that’s not even the coolest thing about it! The video promoting the single ‘Infinito’ by the Brazilian emocore rock band features young versions of the band members playing with a meteorological balloon and launching it into space. The balloon goes up showing images of the horizon and keeps going until we can see the atmosphere, only to fall back to earth and be discovered by the now grown up band somewhere in a farm. Read More