New York

aka The Big Apple, N.Y.C., Zoo York, Capital of the World, Gotham City

Joshua Treehouse

Callan | October 14th, 2014


Lately people have been migrating to LA from New York as they seem to do every 5 years or so, though perhaps due to last winter’s epic brutality,  they seem to be traveling in greater numbers than usual, and as a result, more and more people talking about how they spend all their free time in “the desert,” usually meaning Joshua Tree, or a visit to the Ace Hotel and Swim Club. Read More

What Are You Working On?

Annah | September 25th, 2014

working on_image

The five words every writer or artist dreads to hear are put to manic fever dream in Aaron Maurer and Lucas Kavner’s hilarious, terrifying video “What Are You Working On?”. Over its course, an aloof artist played by Dylan Dawson innocently strolls the streets of Brooklyn, hoping to enjoy his iced coffee and sunny day. Instead he is faced with his own crippling sense of failure.

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The Kilroys

Annah | September 25th, 2014




The Kilroys caused a stir when they released their first annual list of industry-vetted new plays by women. Sick of whining about the lack of gender inclusion in the American theater and in film, TV, and media more generally, this group of 13 playwrights and producers got together to do something about it. The List was their first project, and will hopefully lead to more equality among the identities of voices on our stages.

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Baby is definitely Alright

Callan | September 16th, 2014



So Williamsburg is not what it used to be as of the last few years, and the LES is not what it used to be as of the last 10 years, so what do self respecting people do when they want to see a cool show and not go the the eternal BFA themed neighborhood of Bushwick? Read More

Mystical Mezcal

Callan | September 15th, 2014


Mezcal is having a moment here in New York, and it is a fantastic time to be an importer. Read More

Lo-fi Balearic

Callan | September 12th, 2014


Andras Fox has been a charming, semi-precious addition to the balearic music scene in the last few years, and may perhaps be the crossover artist that may take the sound and vision of Balearic culture (post Ibiza night club) to the indie audiences. Read More

Phrosties make everyone wild and slushy

Callan | September 10th, 2014


Better late than never with this post, but the Phrostie, a frozen mystery slushie sold off of Instagram and then delivered to you, was a wildly popular craze deep in Brooklyn starting around April or May. Read More


Callan | August 14th, 2014


If I were to invest in one “soft drink” right now I would invest in Club Mate, the intensely caffeinated/lightly carbonated yerba mate beverage that has been globally popularized as a result of  Berlin club tourism. Read More

Cupcakes and Self Pity

Annah | July 7th, 2014


It’s hard to tell which populates the WGA Award Winning web series, Jack in a Box more – neuroses or cupcakes. Starring and created by the charmingly bumbling Michael Cyril Creighton, the series centers on Jack, a disgruntled New York theater box office employee coming to terms with the realities of his acting career and frustrations of everyday life.

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Boss of Bushwick

Callan | June 1st, 2014


It’s nobody in particular’s fault but there hasn’t been a “hip” new nightspot in New York or Brooklyn in quite some time. Perhaps this is a result of the general public’s acceptance of “the hipster” and the result of people who used to move to the suburbs in previous generations now refurbishing brownstones in Bedstuy for 1 million dollars or buying condos in Williamsburg. Read More

Venmo seems a better “Pal”

Callan | May 30th, 2014


Recently I was shown Venmo, an app that allows you to transfer money like Paypal but without fees or much hassle. This is kinda it. Read More

Can’t Be Beet

Annah | May 16th, 2014


Once reserved for borscht and the inside of cans, beets have made an undisputed comeback in recent years. A red and yellow beet salad with goat cheese, walnuts, and balsamic? I mean, how can you beet it? There’s only one way: in a cocktail.

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Callan | April 1st, 2014


Like all consumer, lifestyle, and professional decisions being made these days, the amount of choices are seemingly endless, and the same options are endlessly rebranded and resold to make it seem like we have infinite possibilities for choosing our destinies. By presenting us with a set of possibilities that keep recycling and regenerating the same outcomes and experiences with only superficial differences separating them, this disguises the more depressing reality we are faced with- our limitations. With such limitations, these superficial differences make up much of our identities, and allow us to feel that we are unique and different socially within the homogenous shared experience. Read More

Harry Pottery

Callan | February 19th, 2014


The next trend in the domestification of cool young-ish peoples is unique hand-crafted pottery and art objects that could be confused for ETSY goods to the untrained eye but are in fact pretty amazing little pieces of fine art. Read More


Callan | February 19th, 2014


Sub-cultures are officially dead as a result of effective niche marketing and everybody knows that tribal dress such as being “punk” or being a skinhead has, over the years, unraveled so far past recognition that people might as well just wear an Abercrombie sweatshirt and some sketchers?… oh wait…shit, we’ve got a new subculture! and its riffing on the collective-consciousness of fashion’s look at the super-casual unfashionable American of the early 2000’s. Read More