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Content 2014 Wrap Up

Marissa | October 29th, 2014


I celebrated my 4th year in Portland this August, so that means that Content, which is in it’s 5th year has been here longer than I have. Events like this are the absolute reason why I moved here, 100%. Read More

Maurice: The Cutest Restaurant in ALL of PDX

Marissa | September 11th, 2014


Today I sat down to a lovely lunch at Maurice, the Francophile’s dream restaurant. A self proclaimed “Modern Pastry Luncheonette bound by old world charm” does French savories and pastries so right. Today I sampled the Sauvignon blanc driven Penates de Barene to drink and the prawn and avocado smørbrød-open faced sandwich du jour. But I can’t wait to go back for the Northwest shrimp cakes for lunch, or hit them up for happy hour and share a cheese plate with my bestie while sipping on some bubbles. Read More

Nipples – A Hot Topic Both On & Off Instagram

Marissa | August 22nd, 2014


I’ve never liked my boobs, I’ve always thought they were too small, awkwardly shaped, and out of proportion to my nipples. But what if what I had, and little as it might be, was taken from me? How would I feel? Would I still be the same woman? Read More

She’s Charming

Marissa | August 21st, 2014

sangria Read More

“You don’t need a boyfriend to be Happy” – Andrew W.K.

Marissa | August 20th, 2014


As a single gal, sometimes you wake up in one of those moods. You know the kind…the, “I’m going to die alone” moods. Today just happened to be one of those days for me, and despite my usual chipper attitude towards being single (I hate sharing a bed) today I was not particularly chipper about it. That’s life, and with the help of some good friends both male and female, I was over it about 30 minutes after I woke up. Read More

A Mean Case Of Wanderlust

Marissa | August 12th, 2014


I’ve never driven cross country but I have always wanted to and seeing these photos on Tales of Endearment today made me feel that with even greater fervor. More so than that at this particular moment, the south has been calling my name. Louisville, Nashville, Memphis and Tennessee (specifically for Dollywood). I’d love to fly out to the dirty dirty, rent a car, and hit up all of those places. Read More

Cold Brew

Marissa | August 9th, 2014


There’s a good chance if you don’t live in NYC, SF, or PDX you might not know what cold brewed coffee is. While I sip on one as I’m typing this I will explain exactly what cold brew is, just for you, my reader!

Cold brew or cold press refers to the process of steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for an extended period. It is also sometimes referred to as Toddy coffee which is a trademarked cold brewing system.

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Planning a Honeymoon?

Marissa | August 7th, 2014


Sometimes there’s just nothing better than a good ol’ infographic to explain how much money we should spend on a vacation, but not just any vacation, your honeymoon. While I might not have a ring on my finger, let alone a boyfriend (sigh) it is summer, meaning, wedding season. I’ve been to three this year already and the summer won’t stop until I attend two more! Read More

The Craftiest Dude In Portland

Marissa | August 4th, 2014



David Neevel is an inventor. He works at Wieden + Kennedy, “a full-service, creatively driven advertising agency based in Portland, Oregon”. He’s also cool looking. And funny looking, but not in a haha way, in the typical way that most of the US thinks is weird and it’s completely ubiquitous in Portland way. I like this dude. He’s obviously smart, funny, and clever. He came on my radar a few years back when he invented a Oreo Separator Read More

Smooth Sounds of the 70s and 80s, Now

Marissa | July 14th, 2014


Blood Orange’s “You’re Not Good Enough” has a mellow funky sound reminiscent of a Prince and Sheena Easton duet.

The uber styley video (which is basically an Urban Outfitters commercial) was directed by Gia Coppola. Coppola’s new movie Palo Alto was scored by Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes. I’m especially loving the back up dancers easy workout looks and moves that would be best brought to a tryout for Fame. I recently tried on a vintage white leather dress that I did not buy for monetary reasons on-top of body issue reasons, but vocalist Samantha Urbani is making me rethink my non-purchase, perhaps I should go back and snag it after I lose five pounds…and get paid.

Elk Rock Rocks

Marissa | July 4th, 2014


After July 4th it officially becomes Summer in Portland. And we can enjoy it for…ohhhh, about two months.Needless to say when the sun comes out we Portlander’s take advantage. Girls cut their pants into shorts and their tops into crop tops, and we forget all about the other, very grey 9-10 months out of the year.

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The Sudra: A Welcome Change to the Neighborhood

Marissa | June 18th, 2014


Portland is a town full of carts, everyone knows that, anyone who comes to visit locals in this towns asks for them, we’ve all heard it…”where are the good carts? Take me to the ‘cart pods’ I’ve been hearing so much about!” Read More

So Retro, Levi’s

Marissa | February 2nd, 2014


Have you ever had a bad time in Levi’s? I’m sure I have, but maybe I wouldn’t have if I lived in the 70s. Read More

Local Film Photographer Amanda Smith

Marissa | December 12th, 2013

amanda photog2

When I think about Amanda Smith’s work the first word that comes to mind is “retro.” Runners up would be: “nostalgic,” “’70s,” “evocative.” Only shooting in film definitely adds to that feel, but moreover her aesthetic conjures up a young (pretty) rebel who probably cuts school or smokes cigs under the bleachers or both. No matter who or what she’s shooting for she makes it her own, and in a town full of photographers she stands out. Her work ethic is apparent if you’re her friend on Facebook, she’s constantly inquiring to her fashionista friends help for hair, make-up, and styling  – she is constantly working even if it’s just for fun, or her portfolio, or for sport. She’s a go getting that loves every inch of Oregon, follow her on Instagram to get an insiders look on what this great state has to offer as far as the outdoors goes.

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Hyped Restaurants

Marissa | December 12th, 2013

food post2

To hone in on one particular food trend in Portland can be difficult. Sure we love bacon and kale, sometimes together in one dish, what city doesn’t?! And yea, Naomi Pamori is famous for her dead pig toting portrait, conclusion: this town loves meat. You know what else we love: vegans, confused yet?! When I first moved here I was a self proclaimed vegan foodie (I realize that’s obnoxious), eating vegan at home and when I went out UNLESS I went to really nice restaurants. Which, in this town are a dime a dozen and most of the time highly affordable compared to where I hailed from previously, the San Francisco Bay Area. Making it easy to become a foodie, or food snob, or just annoying, depending on who you’re asking.

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