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War on Sugar in Full Force

Will | October 29th, 2014

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It’s not like we didn’t know it was bad for us; it just tasted so good. So sweet. The recent profusion of articles written about sugar’s perilous long-term effects paired with the publicity for the documentary “Fed Up,” which paints obese children as victims of the government’s various subsidies for huge, ‘sugar-oriented’ corporations, has brought the issue front and center. Read More

“Going Viral” Not Purely About Authenticity

Will | October 22nd, 2014

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The goal is always, no matter what anybody tells you, to go viral. Regardless of whether it’s a credible news website or a trashy gossip site, the goal is to create something that’s original — or original enough — to be shared a ridiculous amount of times on social networks. What may be even more attractive than being organically shared is the potential of a piece of content being picked up and shared by other mainstream websites. Embedded in that concept of ‘going viral’ lies that trigger question — how do we get this in front of the most eyes possible? Read More

Levi’s Thrives with “Just Don’t Bore Them” Ad

Will | September 30th, 2014


Levi’s jeans feel as American as apple pie. They’re classic. And while Levi’s is by no means a fresh, new brand, it is doing an excellent job of staying cool and current. The newest Levi’s commercial, “Just Don’t Bore Them,” is one of the few commercials that I’m willing to watch from start to finish in today’s Netflix, OnDemand, commercial-free era.

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Get Your “Weird” On at Madrone Art Bar

Will | September 29th, 2014

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San Francisco’s bar scene is eclectic, but no single bar is as eclectic as Madrone Art Bar.

Nestled in the heart of NOPA and in the center of San Francisco proper, Madrone features rotating local artwork, live music and DJ sets (Motown Mondays is the big draw next to Michael Jackson vs. Prince night), an array of drinks splattered upon the chalk-board walls, a nonstop stream of classic movies — The Big Lebowski was being projected on the back wall last time I was there and Citizen Kane the time before — and perhaps most importantly, incredibly strong, affordable, creative drinks. Read More

Stunning Views and Rare Art Dazzle at Legion of Honor

Will | September 25th, 2014



San Francisco has become synonymous with technology, outrageous rent prices, and burgeoning music and foodie scenes. Art, however, perhaps outside of the De Young museum that is nestled in Golden Gate Park, tends to fall by the wayside. Curious of how a bustling, metropolitan city could be without a substantial art scene, I decided to give the Legion of Honor a shot; the city’s oldest art museum perched on top of Lincoln Park in the Presidio, well above the Golden Gate Bridge and overlooking where the Pacific Ocean spills into the San Francisco Bay. Read More

“Little White Lie” Premiere Highlights Jewish Film Festival

Will | September 10th, 2014

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The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival knew exactly what it was doing when it scheduled the world premiere of the documentary “Little White Lie” on its final night of the annual event. It saved the best for last. Lacey Schwartz, the film’s director, has created a brave, honest, and at times dark film about the harsh reality of a family’s silence and secrecy, revealing the connection to her own racial identity and religion. Read More

Digital World Breeds New Appreciation for Illustration

Will | August 26th, 2014

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Original illustration has become a hot commodity among news-generating websites looking to spice up their copy. In some ways the illustration is a solution to a generation with little to zero patience to read an article beyond two to three paragraphs. It’s also a helpful tool for breaking up long form stories and keeping readers engaged.  Read More

Edgy Website, High Snobiety, Hides Nothing

Will | August 12th, 2014

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What separates High Snobiety — a website devoted to fashion, footwear, music, art and lifestyle culture — from the plethora of other sites attempting to report on ‘trends’ is that it hides nothing. Read More

San Francisco’s Best Kept Baked Secret, B Patisserie

Will | August 6th, 2014


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I wasn’t in B Patisserie more than five seconds before I felt the indecision set in. The best kind of indecision there is — pastry indecision. No matter how long the indecision lasts, there’s a pastry at the end of the road. Read More

America’s No. 1 Restaurant in 2012 Still No. 1 in San Francisco

Will | July 15th, 2014

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One piece of advice if you’re going to Statebird Provisons: Pay attention. This will not be your typical sit-down, order from a menu, and your food is delivered 20 minutes later type of meal. There’s nothing conventional about Statebird, and that may be just what impressed Bon Appetit Magazine so much in 2012 when they named it the best new restaurant in America. Not too shabby, Statebird.

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Matching Half Cafe Brews More Than Excellent Coffee

Will | July 14th, 2014

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It wouldn’t be a ridiculous statement to say that I spent more time in college at Strada Café in Berkeley, CA, than I did in class. Don’t assume that means I wasn’t in class! Because I was. It’s just that the majority of the time, I was at Strada before and after class, studying rigorously and people watching while slurping down coffee like a vacuum. In retrospect, I spent so much time there because a good coffee shop can be like an extension of one’s home. Comfortable and (relatively) non-judgmental, it’s a place where you can let your guard down. Three years after graduating, I’ve found my new Strada in San Francisco — Matching Half Café. Read More

Wes Anderson Shines (Again) with The Grand Budapest Hotel

Will | July 1st, 2014

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Movie prices are so outrageous that I can’t help but feel visceral guilt when I hand over my credit card to purchase a ticket. But to my, and my wallet’s surprise, that guilt was nowhere to be found when I saw Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Not the first or second time I saw it in fact.

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San Francisco’s Problem is Not $4 Toast

Will | June 30th, 2014

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If I read another article about San Francisco’s $4 toast I may pop a blood vessel. From New York Magazine to Venture Beat, there’s no escaping these stories dramatizing the surge in prices across the city, which, despite being caused by a variety of factors, is consistently explained through this one, ridiculously expensive, generously thick slice of toast. Read More

Stress-Free Event Planning

Annah | June 23rd, 2014


Repartee is a comprehensive event planning app that allows you to make impeccably designed invitations, track your invites and RSVPs, and share photos, all in one condensed place. As someone who is trying to plan the most streamlined wedding possible, it has been a crucial to relieving possible stress.

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Netflix Strikes Gold with ‘House of Cards’

Will | May 19th, 2014

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Finishing an episode of House of Cards never really means you’re through with it. It’s that captivating. That haunting. Read More