Zonke Mthetwa | October 30th, 2013

The end of September saw the return of STRCRD; “Africa’s biggest urban street culture festival”. STRCRD always manages to convene an interesting blend of individuals who contribute a diverse attitude and approach to style. The angle at which the event was approached by the organisers was different, with style and fashion taking precedence over the musical performers. The main appearances from previous years were Theophilus London and Jesse Boykins III. This years festival brought together the likes of Street Etiquette, Art Comes First and Brooklyn Circus, as well as installations by brands such as  Trapstar, Wah Nails & Daily Paper. This was a welcome change, with the event scheduling workshops with the intention of educating attendees on how to go about building a brand. It was a great experience to have opportunity to interact with people who have such a prolific presence on the internet. As one person put it, it was surreal to see “Tumblr in real life”.


Zonke Mthetwa | October 1st, 2013

Elevate is the latest upmarket venue to be revealed in Marshalltown. The venue was established with the intention of providing a sophisticated clubbing experience coupled with incredible 360 degree views of the city. Nestled on the rooftop of the 4 star Reef hotel; it is the result of chic, sleek furnishings complimented by the most breath-taking panoramic views of the city. This is an endeavour which is brought to us by the same people who own Sandton hotspot; Taboo and who have successfully managed to bring us something which will aid in filling in in a gap in the nightlife roster for those who prefer a “grown up” party, coupled with an air of elegance and grandeur.

Visit Reef Hotels for more information.


Zonke Mthetwa | October 1st, 2013

Maboneng’s new addition came just in time for Spring. As if the appeal of frozen yoghurt was not enough, Cocobel’s quirky exterior made sure I went by for a second glance. The shop is built using the reconstructed body of a lorry, with handmade flowers decorations which give the tough exterior a girly touch. Now, I’m a huge fan of frozen yoghurt, it makes me incredibly happy to know that I will know longer have to travel all the way to Rosebank to get my fix. What makes it even better is the fact that they have an array of sauces with which to finish off your concoction, ranging from tasty Strawberry and Mango to Caramel.

Be sure to pay them a visit at corner Fox and Albrecht Str, Maboneng Precinct.

Fashion ‘Pops Up’ in Pretoria

Junia Tsekiso | August 30th, 2013


South Africa Fashion Week is showing its dedication to promoting local designer talent as well as the business of fashion with its latest Pop Up Shop concept. Launched with a VIP shopping event at the host venue of Brooklyn Mall; proud sponsors including Renault, Edgars, Tresseme and Jameson seized the valuable opportunity to interact with a stylish and influential audience of bloggers, stylist and fashionistas. Where Johannesburg can often be over saturated with events and media gimmicks;  SAFW has identified the high income Pretoria consumer as an eager shopper, prompting thier departure from familiar Sandton territory.
The pop up concept resides in the forecourt of the fashion wing at the mall and will stay up until the 1st of September…most exciting of all…all designer merchandise is half price!


Zonke Mthetwa | August 26th, 2013

Image Courtesy of Charn-Lee’s ChopChop

Charn-Lee’s ChopChop is the latest addition to in an emerging market of health oriented restaurants. Inspired by fusion cuisine, the menu is made up of Eastern influenced local dishes bound together to create delicious stir-fries. Intended to diversify consumer choices; the brand offers a do-it-yourself menu, which has over 500 combinations to choose from. The aim behind this is to allow consumers to vary their meals and do away with the tedium which is often associated with healthy eating. Another great attribute of the brand is the transparency around the contents of each meal. All the ingredients are pre-weighed and packaged to ensure consistency and the meals are prepared right in front of you as you wait. With only a 7 minute waiting period, I guess it’s safe to say that they stay true to they’re motto of bringing you tasty and healthy food “ChopChop”.

Charn-Lee’s ChopChop restaurant branches are located at Clearwater Mall- Strubensvalley, Elsecar Close in Kya Sands and Mountainview Shopping Centre- Northcliff.

Ed: Junia Tsekiso


Zonke Mthetwa | August 15th, 2013

Image courtesy of Urban Hip Hotels

The Joburg City Tourism Association will be playing host to the Joburg City Festival which will take place from the 25th to the 31st August. The festival which is sponsored by Gautrain, Johannesburg Development Agency, OPH and SAB will be a celebration and exploration of things to do in and around the city. The program boasts a plethora of activities to take part in ranging from music, fashion, arts, dance, film and food. The festival  incorporates local hotspots such as the Parktonian Hotel, Hotel Lamunu, Arts On Main and will act as a means of introducing the public to places they weren’t already familiar with. This is the perfect event for those who want to get properly acquainted with the CBD as it will give people a great sense of how far the inner-city rejuvenation scheme has come.

Visit the JCTA for more info.


Zonke Mthetwa | July 30th, 2013


Image courtesy of Nightbus

This may just be the best news I have caught wind of!

As a means of eradicating night-time transportation related issues- mainly curbing drunken driving, a night time bus service will be launched in the city towards the latter part of the year. The route will run from Sandton to Braamfontein, with stops in Illovo, Rosebank, Greenside, Melville, the University of Joburg and Wits University. The service will allow patrons to purchase a R30 night pass which will be valid for transportation to any stop, for the duration of the evening. It’s great to see steps being made to eradicate the ever present threat of intoxicated drivers getting behind the wheel, in an effort to make our roads safer for everyone.

Visit Nightbus for all the latest information.

You’re having a laugh!

Zonke Mthetwa | July 3rd, 2013

Image Courtesy Of Metro FM

I found myself Joburg Theater bound this past Saturday evening, for something which went slightly left of center of my usual weekend scheduling. Metro FM played host to the Inner City Comedy Festival, which ran from Thursday the 27th to Sunday the 30th of June. The festival, in it’s cozy and intimate setting gave up-and-coming comedians a platform to showcase their skills. The list of comedians who took part were: Robby Collins, Tats Nkonzo, Lazola Gola and Simmi Areff. Mojak Lehoko played host for the evening. It had been a while since I attended a comedy show, and I was smiling all the way back home.

Here’s hoping the station will make this an annual event.

Joburg Party Scene

Junia Tsekiso | June 26th, 2013

Joburg Party By Chris Saunders

Featuring some the most innovative and creative talents in South Africa, Chris Saunders latest production ‘Joburg Party’ gives invaluable insight into native youth social culture. The vignette chronicles two days in the life of the Jozi party scene peppered with thought provoking commentary from the current influencers of the youth sect…

Wanna’ know what the kids are really up to these days? Watch!


Zonke Mthetwa | June 20th, 2013


Joburg’s Ghandi Square was the latest venue to play host to Kanye West’s projections, in promotion of his much anticipated 7th studio album – Yeezus. It was a pretty hush affair with only a few people turning up to the venue. As usual Kanye was quite discreet about it all, only posting a message of the viewing on his site. The projection was the only one to be shown in Africa, and the processions were led by the minimalist video to his highly publicized single “New Slaves” followed by snippets of other songs on the album.

The album has now been released, and has sparked debates on social media platforms regarding whether or not he has been able to achieve what he sought out to with his latest offering. From what I can tell, the verdict’s still out.


Zonke Mthetwa | June 13th, 2013



Sports brands have taken an affinity to active involvement in people’s lifestyles, giving them a more multifaceted appeal than simply being known for their apparel. ADIDAS is one such brand, and has branched out to infiltrate the local arts scene by holding regular exhibitions at their Area 3 space, in the Maboneng Precinct,  Jeppestown. Their recent Happy Hour exhibition gave a number of up and coming artists the opportunity to showcase their works, which included a range paintings and photographs which carried the  heavy influence of local street culture as well as the artists’ and photographers interpretations of the cityscape. The works were also very well priced with the intention of not strictly holding appeal to art aficionados, but to the everyday individual who would like a starting point from which to one day grow a collection.

The exhibition will be available to view until the 2nd of July. Visit Area 3 for more information.

Punk & Ivy

Zonke Mthetwa | May 15th, 2013

Image courtesy of:

In the last couple of years there’s been a surge in individuals bringing new offerings to the fashion industry. Punk & Ivy is one such  brand, specializing in fashion design, styling and image consulting. The label is collaboratively run by Khaya Sibiya and Bianca Miles,  both having had experience within the fashion industry:  Khaya is a stylist and Bianca is the previous co-owner of a womenswear brand. The idea of Punk & Ivy came about after a trip they took to Bangkok, where the surroundings resonated with all they love in fashion, design and music. It felt like the right time for them to take things to the next level.

The brand was created with the purpose of introducing a different shopping platform to the consumer. This was achieved by them creating a motique (a mobile boutique) with the intention of taking the shopping experience directly to the public. Their garments are locally produced and created with the purpose of catering to all styling requirements, be it items from their ready to wear range or bespoke pieces perfectly tailored with you in mind.

Visit Punk & Ivy for more.



Zonke Mthetwa | May 15th, 2013

Image Courtesy of:

The  growing  blogging culture has led to a rise in the number of photographers one comes into contact with, so it was extremely refreshing to come across a photographer with a difference. Cues Roy Potterill, a Joburg based iphonographer who saw greater potential in instagram than it just being a social media tool. Thumbnail is a follow up to his Hashtag exhibition which was made up of strictly iphone generated images of the city landscape. The recipe for his Thumbnail exhibition was the same,  but saw his lens venture out to capture the marvels of the country at large. It’s really inspiring to see what a man and his iphone can produce.

The exhibition can be viewed at the Exposure Gallery (Johannesburg) on 70 Juta  Str, Braamfontein and the Exposure Gallery at The Old Biscuit Mill, Cape Town.

Pop (Up) Music

Zonke Mthetwa | May 13th, 2013

Image courtesy of:

Redbull has played a prominent role in music as of late, this being majorly contributed to by the Redbull Studios initiative. Their latest undertaking is a project with local musicians: Dirty Paraffin, Bra Sol, Spoek Mathambo, Bhubesii and Choc called the Corner to Corner Tour, which was created with the sole purpose of taking music to the people. The tour is made up of a series of free impromptu concerts which has seen performances take place at locations ranging from local universities to your local street corner, as the name suggests.

It’s great to see thinking outside of the box and using new ways of self promotion, by taking music which was only available to a niche market and putting it out there for the enjoyment of a wider and more varied audience.

Revival of a Legend

Zonke Mthetwa | April 23rd, 2013

Image courtesy of

A couple of weeks ago beer giant, Hansa Pilsener held its annual Festival of Legends  at the Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown Johannesburg. Read More