War on Sugar in Full Force

Will | October 29th, 2014

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It’s not like we didn’t know it was bad for us; it just tasted so good. So sweet. The recent profusion of articles written about sugar’s perilous long-term effects paired with the publicity for the documentary “Fed Up,” which paints obese children as victims of the government’s various subsidies for huge, ‘sugar-oriented’ corporations, has brought the issue front and center. Read More

Levi’s Thrives with “Just Don’t Bore Them” Ad

Will | September 30th, 2014


Levi’s jeans feel as American as apple pie. They’re classic. And while Levi’s is by no means a fresh, new brand, it is doing an excellent job of staying cool and current. The newest Levi’s commercial, “Just Don’t Bore Them,” is one of the few commercials that I’m willing to watch from start to finish in today’s Netflix, OnDemand, commercial-free era.

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What Are You Working On?

Annah | September 25th, 2014

working on_image

The five words every writer or artist dreads to hear are put to manic fever dream in Aaron Maurer and Lucas Kavner’s hilarious, terrifying video “What Are You Working On?”. Over its course, an aloof artist played by Dylan Dawson innocently strolls the streets of Brooklyn, hoping to enjoy his iced coffee and sunny day. Instead he is faced with his own crippling sense of failure.

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The Kilroys

Annah | September 25th, 2014




The Kilroys caused a stir when they released their first annual list of industry-vetted new plays by women. Sick of whining about the lack of gender inclusion in the American theater and in film, TV, and media more generally, this group of 13 playwrights and producers got together to do something about it. The List was their first project, and will hopefully lead to more equality among the identities of voices on our stages.

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The Craftiest Dude In Portland

Marissa | August 4th, 2014



David Neevel is an inventor. He works at Wieden + Kennedy, “a full-service, creatively driven advertising agency based in Portland, Oregon”. He’s also cool looking. And funny looking, but not in a haha way, in the typical way that most of the US thinks is weird and it’s completely ubiquitous in Portland way. I like this dude. He’s obviously smart, funny, and clever. He came on my radar a few years back when he invented a Oreo Separator Read More

Zen And the Art Of Favreau

Kuma | July 28th, 2014

Movies about Chefs are an easy one, almost too easy, the fire and the passion of the things in the kitchen and the people that make them are an easy trip. However, the kitchen is not always pretty and the respect for that is what makes Chef a glorious film.


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Cupcakes and Self Pity

Annah | July 7th, 2014


It’s hard to tell which populates the WGA Award Winning web series, Jack in a Box more – neuroses or cupcakes. Starring and created by the charmingly bumbling Michael Cyril Creighton, the series centers on Jack, a disgruntled New York theater box office employee coming to terms with the realities of his acting career and frustrations of everyday life.

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Wes Anderson Shines (Again) with The Grand Budapest Hotel

Will | July 1st, 2014

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Movie prices are so outrageous that I can’t help but feel visceral guilt when I hand over my credit card to purchase a ticket. But to my, and my wallet’s surprise, that guilt was nowhere to be found when I saw Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Not the first or second time I saw it in fact.

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Coming Back

Annah | June 26th, 2014


The Comeback is coming back, and with a vengeance. The brilliant and vastly underrated comedy from 2005 staring Lisa Kudrow and created by Michael Patrick King is being reignited by HBO and I truly can not wait. The show was wildly ahead of it’s time: parodying reality television while reality television had barely peaked, and exploring the tense uncomfortabilities of the toll time takes on a career.

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Netflix Takin it Back :: Fresh Prince

Claire | June 24th, 2014


When I was a mere tween, every evening my best friend and I would curl up on the sofa to watch Fresh Prince.. The show that made Will Smith famous, and shaped the lives and times of many tweens like me, we looked forward to the pure comedy and ridiculousness that the show delivered.   Read More

The Return Of The Prodigal Son

Kuma | June 4th, 2014

One of the fun things about Vancouver is that you get surprised by what turns up on screen. Another fun thing is that you get to be surprised by finding out precisely who’s the secret comic book fan.


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Out with the Grand, In with the New

Claire | May 22nd, 2014


The grand Budapest Hotel is one of those films that you could watch any time.  It is both happy and sad, kitschy and down to earth, sophisticated and delightfully raw.

The film chronicles the life of a lobby boy–named Mr. Gustav (played by Ralph Fiennes) as he falls into taking charge of the once glorious and now slightly decrepit Grand Budapest Hotel.
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Time On Television Is Circular

Kuma | May 17th, 2014

I’d always wondered when America was going to deliver the kind of cop drama to television that left me with the same visceral impact that the BBC’s Luther did. Well, it’s finally arrived in the form of True Detective.


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Shorts You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Annah | May 15th, 2014


In the world of web videos, or the ever-vague category of web ‘content’, it’s hard to find anything with substance. Most of what’s easily accessible is paltry click-bait, designed around a single joke, or worse, to get you to watch the ad that came before it.

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Dallas Buyers Club

Claire | May 13th, 2014


The thought of watching someone die of AIDS is not exactly appealing.  But there are so many beautiful moments that can happen during the fragile realization of what it means to be alive.  The Dallas Buyers Club brings these to light.  Before being diagnosed with AIDS, Ron Woodroof  (Mathew McConaughey) was a homophobic drug snorting alcoholic electrician.  A lover of cheap thrills, methamphetamine, cocaine, cowboys and whiskey.  It was not until after his diagnosis with HIV that he began his rise into grace.  The knowledge that his life was literally on the line day by day caused a shift in consciousness toward a mode of survival, where prejudices no longer mattered and all that was important was to enjoy his own life and lend a hand to assist in extending the lives of others.

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