Alice is a full-time teacher, part-time grad student, freelance writer and occasional seamstress. Her one true love though is traveling, a love she expresses by freeing up at least one out of twelve months to succumb to the call of aimless wandering and getting drunk in places where the trains run all night–even if it means coming home broke.

Home is Manila, which is an unfortunate place to be a vegetarian. However it might be the only place on earth laid-back enough to let her build her portfolio by contributing to four different magazines while maintaining an academic career and an online presence through New SlangThe Pro-Life Wife and No Place Else to Go, three blogs that chronicle the local scene from very different angles. It’s dead obvious that she lacks sleep, a fact that keeps her up even longer into the night, consumed by thoughts of whether or not she’s spreading herself too thin and if it’s true that only boring people get bored. That last sentence should explain why she’s been absent from the local music scene, which for so long served as a gateway to the outside world and the nightlife contained within it. Hopefully, her contributions to this site will be enough to compensate for that absence.

Guilty pleasures include America’s Next Top Model and eating peanut butter straight from the jar.