BrunoName: Bruno B.

City: London, UK

Journalist and VICE’s European Managing Editor, Bruno was born in London before decamping to study ‘myths and dragons’, also known as Classics and Ancient History in Manchester. After completing his studies with a dissertation on necromancy in Indo-European literature he returned to London and was listless until finding employment at the Heymarket publishing group.

That soon, and tangentially, led to a chance to work at VICE Magazine in late 2007. Over the last few years at VICE Bruno has worked on every issue of the print magazine, three books, a number of films and been generally good when things need carrying. When not in the office he likes to play depressing records at clubs before party goers arrive, or on the radio at unlikely times of day. He also likes to make 1.48th scale model aeroplanes and plays far too much football for anyone with knees that audibly crunch when they walk.