With a complicated family history of migrating across the world, from China to France, through Cambodia and Thailand, Christine decided to do the reverse journey– traveling from France to China, in a quest for her own identity. She left Paris in 2005 and has been based in Shanghai since then.

She considers her French-Chinese double culture, sometimes a burden, sometimes a key to privileged moments of sharing, as her best tool helping her comprehend the complex cosmopolitan city she lives in.

After working across various industries, among them Fashion, Food and Beverage, Consulting and Journalism, which helped her meet people with varied backgrounds, she realized that she has amassed enough material for compilation on life stories.

She currently works as a Freelance Writer while training to become a Taichi and Kungfu Master at the same time. Her first book, about the French in Old China, is to be launched in 2012.

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