Dmitry3Name: Dmitry K. 

City: Moscow, Russia

Born in Berlin, Dmitry moved to Moscow at the age of 3 to completely forget German and start his disorderly education. Here  he studied jazz (although quit after six months of tedious theory studying), publishing business (equally unprofitable in theory and in practice) and literary translation which resulted in him presumably knowing a bunch of rather useless languages. There’s always a room for improvement with your language skills, they say, so he was forced into exile to Brussels, where for an extra year he studied French.

Dmitry’s been involved in media ever since getting his diploma, mostly promoting Moscow micro-labels (with a bit of luck, turning them into boring regular ones). He considers himself as some sort of connoisseur of obscure local bands, most at home lingering in the unlit caverns of clubs

If he has any spare time he tries to read: contemporary Amercican novelists like Franzen and David Foster Wallace to French avant-garde antinovels (notorious for causing indigestion). Some of which he was supposed to translate as the final project in college, but, fortunately, never did.