Markus - ViennaName: Markus L.

City: Vienna, Austria

If there’s such a thing as an intellectual pro-wrestling fanatic with a soft spot (as if he needed any) for things that shouldn’t get you horny and a keen understanding of structural film analysis, he probably would have gone bananas a long time ago. Luckily, Markus isn’t that guy just yet – although he’s on a pretty good way of becoming this sort of weirdo if he ever figures out structural film analysis. Until then, Markus will go on with being the managing editor of VICE Austria and Switzerland, as well as hosting degenerated Wrestlemania parties and writing columns about all the reasons for “wrong boners” you wish you never heard about.

Maybe his fandom of pro-wrestling has something to do with the fact that he “suffers” from brittle-bone disease and the superhuman commodities in the squared circle sort of compensate for his own lack of sportive engagement. Maybe it’s just because everybody needs to have a break from frantic work every now and then, even if said work is something he himself describes as “I get paid for things I’d even do without pay, I mean are you shitting me?” Before becoming a part of VICE in 2011, Markus worked as a market researcher, a journalist, a consultant and a copywriter. He has a degree in theater, film and media studies and likes turtles.