Matt considers himself an adopted Sydneysider, living in the city and Eastern suburbs since moving from a small coastal town at the age of 15.  After living and travelling in South America, the US and the Carribean, he felt the need to experience and understand the many different ways people live. This may explain his movement around Sydney to live with a number of different share houses (of varying quality) in six-month intervals for the past five years.

His activities revolve around music and experiencing all that the Australian natural landscape has to offer. The beach is a connection that most Australians have, and he never wants to stray too far from there. With many of his friends currently living in Sydney but coming from outside, it acts as a great base to plan trips outside the city, whether to the Great Barrier Reef or just up to his favorite surfing spots on the East Coast. Protection of the coastline is close to his heart. He believes that it is a lack of education of how to protect the natural environment that can destroy not only ecosystems, but also important tourist economies.