Name: Milène L.

City: Stockholm, Sweden

Journalist and VICE editor Milène Larsson was born and has spent most of her 28 years in Stockholm, Sweden. When Milène was 11, she asked her free spirited artist parents why she had been given such a strange, old French name. Her parents looked at each other with big smiles on their faces, and explained she was made under a park bench in Milan, expecting her to go, “Wow, guys, Milan/Milène—that’s genius!” Instead, Milène’s face turned pale, and she quietly swore she’d never turn out like them; she’d study hard to become a lawyer spending her days walking around in strict suits and never having sex.

That plan didn’t really work out. Five years later she was playing guitar in an all girl punk rock band, then she started DJ-ing and running club nights, studying graphic design, playing in even more bands, working for the nightlife guide Nöjesguiden, then joined the Scandinavian VICE team when the magazine launched in Sweden in 2004. She has spent many years writing about youth culture, art, literature, fashion, film, music and whatnot, as well as produced and hosted documentaries for VICE TV. She is now the magazine’s European Managing Editor.