Supattra is an avid traveler who enjoys not only visiting, but living in different parts of the world.  She considers herself a global citizen and believes that peoples’ identities should be defined by their experiences rather than their nationality.

She is intrigued by out-of-box ideas and new edgy social enterprises, and surrounds herself with vibrant, creative, genuine and inspiring people, including artists, designers, entrepreneurs as well as financial advisers, social workers and non-profit activists.

In her free time, she and her friends frequently attend gallery openings, fashion/art exhibitions and events, film festivals and discover new neighborhood bars and restaurants.  She stays in tune with the chic and trendy scene in Bangkok by keeping up with local foodie blogs, city magazines (i.e. DO Magazine, BK Magazine, CNNgo) Foursquare and of course, Twitter!  She prides herself in being connected to the latest trends in technology, entertainment and culture.

Career-wise, her passions lie in Marketing and Communications for Social Development.