Van considers herself a typical girl of Vietnam’s “Generation @”, referring to those born in the 80s and having grown up amid an era of great tech innovations, particularly the Internet. She thinks she also embodies this generation’s traits of being highly individualistic, materialistic, self-motivated and well-informed.

Having been the official Scout for Ho Chi Minh for the past couple of years, Van considers her blogs a genuine take on today’s state of affairs in her country reflecting a “Generation @” perspective.

A film school graduate, she has been in Advertising for 4 years now, currently working as a copywriter.

posts by this scout:

Rent-a-Friend in Vietnam

(Feb 21, 2014) Need a companion for a short trip? Or your parents want you to bring a girl home? Fret not, because you can find that girl–...

I am Gifted, So are You

(Jan 31, 2014) Lecturer Tran Dang Khoa, 30, has a dream.  He hopes that within 10 years, he will be able to help 1 million people discover thei...

“Bake” the Risk

(Jan 22, 2014) Just like the beginning of any other entrepreneur’s bio, Pham Thanh Tuan was never satisfied working as a Marketing Directo...