Little Xin Hui had 3 dream jobs.

1. Politician   |  2. Lyricist   |  3. Lingerie Model

But growing up in a multi-religious, multi-cultural, one-party-dominated political system in Singapore, best known for banning chewing gum and freedom of speech, her dream of being either “opinionated politician” or “lyricist of anti-establishment songs” were shot to pieces.

So Xin Hui took her opinions, her love of the limelight, and her passion for the written word to broadcast. Concurrently, she spent some time writing for FHM, serving up crispy golden, deep-fried to nasty perfection fortune-cookie one-liners on understanding women.

Before she knew it, she was crafting websites, writing phantom blogs, maintaining interactive accounts, and found herself at the cusp of the digital revolution as a freedom-fighter-wordsmith devoted to “branded content”.

Today, she runs, a writing lab. Her friends describe her as “a fat girl trapped in a hot body” – a phrase she has kindly “sugarquoted” for them to liberally use – without charge. She also swims like a lunatic religiously as she is still working on dream job #3.

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