Exquisite refractions

Dicky | June 28th, 2011

Cat Lamb has left Los Angeles, which is a very sad occurrence, though hopefully only temporarily.

Cat has been performing an ongoing series of works for viola and oscillator in various spaces around town for the past year or so, including a recent performance at Betalevel in Chinatown. The works all share certain things in common… oscillator glissandi, simple tones on viola, and the interactions between the two. But the experience of each piece is staggeringly different… the performance at Betalevel particularly so, as the glissando traveled in a rolling wave, up and down, with a small cell of notes repeated in different variations, a little melody emerges, constantly shifting about, like light refracting off the surface of a gem held in the hand, moving about gently. Here’s a recent interview with Cat to read…

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Last year Neighbors released a 7” that had just a perfect pop song on it… Hooligans. Well, they’ve released a new EP, the August EP, and it’s pretty lackluster. The gauzy beauty of Hooligans is gone and replaced with a sterile, bland sound that feels like cast-offs from The Postal Service. Not that it isn’t reasonably appealing to listen to, but… surely a disappointment. Download it here for free.

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