Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Claire | February 14th, 2012

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. What is it? The result of repetitive strain involving a computer, or various other types of technology. Solutions?

a) throw your computer out the window
b) stop using the computer
c) buy a new keyboard and mouse, and adjust your desk and chair to a more ergonomic height. Learn to ‘work differently’.
d) Do finger push-ups. And bizarre stretch-y upper body yoga moves.

Okay, I realize a) and b) aren’t entirely realistic and/or smart.

In reference to c), for mice I have a couple of stellar suggestions.

Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse – the sexiest mouse you’ve ever seen… wireless, minimal, works well on almost any hard smooth surface, and folds flat for ease of transport.
Logitech’s Wireless Trackball M579 – almost as sexy as the Arc Touch, with the added functionality of a trackball…

As for the other aspects… well, I recommend checking out these carpel tunnel yoga stretches that are super easy to do and feel really good.

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