Food for your ears

Guillaume | March 5th, 2012

A new generation of radio documentary makers has found a home on the website Carolina Fontana is among them and I really like the way she gives a voice to people who live on the edge. The works of these radiographers are intimate, political or simply contemplative. They recreate atmospheres and raise many unexpected questions.

To listen to them in the best condition ever, you can go to Les goûters d’Arte Radio at Le Point Ephémère. Tea, cakes, lemonades and a lot of cushions on the floor, for one hour your ears will travel far and you’ll be sure to live a real collective sound experience.

To me radio documentaries are a perfect way to spy on the world quietly, and listening to them with other are people added to the pleasure. The authors and the Arte Radio team are each time present to share their experience after the listening session. No better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Next goûter d’Arte Radio Sunday March 25 5pm

Point Ephémère

200 quai de Valmy

75010 Paris

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