Waka Waka (This is a sterotype of Africa)

Paul | July 30th, 2010

I guess you can’t avoid certain cultural stereotypes, but you can criticise them. I hope there’s some distinction between Shakira’s pop take on the World Cup in South Africa, and my current fixation with African tribal prints on t-shirts. To be honest, there’s probably not. It’s all about appropriating diverse cultural tropes for your own means.

Anyway I saw one in a bargain bin in Pigalle in Paris last month, and should have bought it but didn’t. Since then I’ve built them up in my head into the next big thing for summer. I like them because they are bright without being neon and nu.rave, the patterns around the neck are cool and sort of look like medallions, and also the v-neck slit and long cut is distinctive and looks good on people like me who are getting fat.

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