Dancing to the Beats of Muziboo

Asia Scout | November 8th, 2009

Social networking is about sharing and meeting like-minded people, a site reflecting that viewpoint is Muziboo. Founded in 2007, it gives an opportunity for budding, aspiring musicians to showcase their talent.

Muziboo is an audio sharing platform for musicians, pod casters and sound professionals. Members can upload their music (MP3 files), create profile, add friends, photos or build an online band. For musicians, it’s important to get honest feedback on their creations, so members can get an audience who can comment and help the artist improve.

One of the sections is called “Music Charts”, it lists all the tracks/songs based on what has been most played, top rated and most commented. Bands can create a profile page, launch their music album, upload samples, create cover art and like Facebook, members can also become a fan of a certain band.

Muziboo encourages its members to engage in discussions, start a community dedicated to their favorite artists or instruments, begin a collaborative project etc. Muziboo also creates play lists from all music charts, tagged pages, group music pages, members’ music lists, and any searches that are done on the website. This makes it easy to listen to any track. In the span of two years, the website has received enormous response from amateur and pro musicians for their various integrated features.

Taking it a step further, members can also post their creations on their Facebook page or integrate their Muziboo profile with Twitter. At present, Muziboo follows a revenue-earning model that charges U.S. $49.95 for members who want to upload more than 10 songs. Members who sign up get better streaming facilities, private sharing options (the most admired feature) and advertisement free pages.

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